The Sound of Carnaval

Posted: November 18, 2008 in Life, Spain, Tenerife, Travel
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Hardly have the aisles of turrón sprung up in the local supermarket, alerting us to the fact that the festive season is rushing towards us like a runaway train, when a primeval noise broke the still evening air last night sending the first small shiver of anticipation down our spines (although that might have been the flu – Andy now also has the dreaded bug and last night we snuffled and coughed our way through the movie Fargo – not a pretty sight).

It was the loud and steady, rhythmic drum beat drifting up from Puerto de la Cruz three kilometres away. It could have been a warning that some Kong like creature had emerged from Mount Teide (obviously this flu bug has hallucinatory qualities), but it’s more likely that the Murga bands have started practicing early for next years Carnaval despite it being more than three months away.

Oh no, not Carnaval again - what a bummer

Oh no, not Carnaval again - what a bummer

This was pretty much confirmed by a press notice from Puerto Ayuntamiento announcing the theme of Carnaval 2009 – África, tierra de tribus (Africa, Land of Tribes).

I’d better start thinking of costumes now.


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