Spain is Different #3 Anticrisis Bread

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Life, Spain, Tenerife
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I’m sure everywhere must have anticrisis products. Due to various circumstances, this week I had to buy anticrisis bread. This was mainly because it was the only decent looking bread in the nearest supermercado to where I live.

I’m pretty sure that the precio anticrisis is meant to make me feel all warm and fuzzy that the producer is so concerned about the effect of the economic crisis on the consumer that they have created this wallet friendly bread priced at only €1.09.

Nice idea, except for one thing; it’s half a loaf. It might be an anticrisis price but it’s also an anticrisis size. In fact, when I work it out it has cost me more than my normal full sized loaf.

Exactly whose precio anticrisis is it?

  1. + it began at around 80 cents & that’s some inflation in a year!

    • dragojac says:

      I usually buy bread from the bakery in Al Campo – a brown and a white at €1.00 (sometimes fluctuates) per full sized loaf with decent sized slices. Much better than the packaged cotton wool stuff… and more of an anticrisis price.

  2. Now everything is supposed to be “anticrisis”.

    But we must be aware of possible fraud. The best way is still compare prices for the same product… as we did before the “crisis”.

    Good luck and greetings.

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