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This weekend we headed to the south of Tenerife’s coolest town (in atmosphere terms, not temps), El Médano to watch some seriously disturbed people attempting to commit hari kiri (AKA taking part in the Kiteboarding World Tour 2010).

Andy has already written a wonderful article for Tenerife Magazine about the event so instead of duplicating the information, here are a few photos.

Andy Yates in a more conventional position

Giselda Pulido...and her hair

Andy Yates - Now that's just showing off!

Giselda Pulido - overall winner of two disciplines


Being Scottish I’m only too aware where the game of golf originated. Forget all that nonsense about the Romans or the Chinese hitting balls with sticks, we Scots were the ones who first took to trying to knock a ball down rabbit holes. Like so many of the other world-changing inventions we came up with, it was inspired.

Not only did you get to pass the time watching over the sheep with a diverting new game, if you got lucky you whacked a rabbit and sorted out the question of what to cook for dinner at the same time.

Despite spending many bored Saturday afternoons on the Rothesay putting greens, I never took to the game myself . I’ve never played a round of golf even though I was once invited to do so by the manager of the club where the Manchester United players spend some of their leisure time. Ironically I’ve ended up on Tenerife living almost on a golf course, albeit a nine hole one…and still I haven’t been tempted to pick up a club.

However, my former neighbour, Jesús, did give it a go and after that I hardly saw him again. He spent all his free time treading the fairways, or whatever the golfing term is, consumed by his new found passion for the game.

Anyway, when I heard what the latest competition prize for Tenerife Magazine was, I immediately thought of Jesús.

The chance to win three free rounds of golf on three different Isla de Golf courses (Buenavista Golf, Golf Costa Adeje, Golf las Americas, Golf del Sur and Tecina Golf) would have had him as excited as a kid let loose in a sweet shop.

It’s a damned good prize and someone’s going to get to see some of the most stunning views on Tenerife and even La Gomera (Tecina Golf) as well as getting to play their favourite sport for free.

And all anyone wanting to put themselves in the running to enjoy three rounds on some of the best golf course on Tenerife has to do, is become a fan of Tenerife Magazine on Facebook. It’s as simple as knocking a ball down a rabbit hole.

Competition closes 2nd June 2010

Considering it was World Naked Gardening Day on Saturday, it was probably quite appropriate that Puerto de la Cruz went Brazilian on Saturday night. But in this particular case it was a free DJ festival as part of Tensamba 2010 in Tenerife.

I was looking forward to this as there was also a display of that Brazilian/African form of martial arts ballet called capoeira.

Brilliant for some sexy photos of practitioners swirling and twirling to a samba soundtrack I thought…and it would have been except for one thing.

I could tell you that the sun disappeared behind a cloud dulling out the scene, or that it was a bad time of night for light, but the truth is I set the camera badly and as a result ended up with grainy, slightly blurred photos with a lot of ghosting. Very, very disappointing, but there you go…shit happens as they say.

If you fancy seeing more grainy, blurred photos of the Festival, CLICK HERE

CD Tenerife in La Liga...bring on Ronaldo

CD Tenerife in La Liga...bring on Ronaldo

It once seemed like a distant dream, but now it looks as though instead of lining up against Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal, the petulant one will be facing the likes of Tenerife. At least he should be guaranteed better weather when he visits. Whether he’ll get a warm welcome from CD Tenerife’s foreign contingent of fans is a different matter.

Yesterday in the 30 plus degrees and no shade of Plaza España in Santa Cruz, we joined tens of thousands of CD Tenerife supporters to watch the blanquiazul achieve the not so impossible dream.

 WATER result

WAT-ER result

It was an electric and hectic atmosphere and actually trying to watch the giant TV screens involved utilising a series of movements that, had there been a ringmaster in the area he’d have immediately signed us up for his circus as a contortionist double bill.

As always here the crowd was a deliriously happy one and the most innocuous incident on the pitch (broadcast from Girona) had the fans going off like a rocket. A ‘non’ goal caused wild celebrations and bottles of cava and beer were sprayed across the plaza. In theory it should have been great material for photos; in reality I could hardly keep my camera out long enough to focus it in case it was drenched.

When CD Tenerife scored and more or less clinched their place in La Liga, the plaza erupted into madness. We’d already moved once for a better view and away from a group of lads who were using their cans of beer like machine guns, but talk about moving from the frying pan and into the fire.

Adelante Tenerife

Adelante Tenerife

Our spot beside Plaza España’s lagoon sized fountain seemed a perfect spot. We could see the screens and also were in the perfect position for photographing ‘aficionados’ celebrating in the pool. Naïve or stupid? When the final whistle blew there was a stampede and twenty thousand or so ecstatic fans swept toward the fountain…and us.

Andy wisely did a runner and deserted me, leaving me stranded at the fountain’s edge trying to take a few shots before things went too wet ‘n’ wild. I was bumped and jostled from all angles; one group of burly lads nearly took me with them straight into the water. Every time I thought I’d found a relatively safe spot a manically grinning fan would come rushing through the fountain kicking water everywhere and I’d have to spin around trying to save my camera from an unwanted bath. It was loco. In the end I snapped a few shots before my nerve broke (rather it than the camera) and I legged it to the higher ground.

I thought I’d witnessed wild crowds in Tenerife before, during Carnaval, but this, like CD Tenerife now, was in another league. And despite there being thousands upon thousands of people soaking each other, I didn’t witness the slightest bit of aggression…only unadulterated joy.

Yesterday history was made in Tenerife and I’m really pleased that I was there to feel a part of it.

Last night when a weather-beaten little farmer in a dry stone cottage deep in the Basque country, where no non-Basque speaker had set foot in the last 10 years, took off his beret, poured himself a generous glass of country wine and sat himself down in his ragged but comfortable armchair to enjoy a Carling Cup football match between Arsenal and Wigan on one of Spain’s main TV stations, TV2, what were we treated to here in Tenerife?

In their infinite wisdom, the people who control what we see on Canarian TV must have decided that, despite the mix of nationalities (a substantial amount of them being British) in the Canaries, a British football match wasn’t the sort of thing the good people in Tenerife and the Canary Islands wanted to see. Instead they must have decided that what the good people of the Canaries would prefer to watch a group of people sitting around talking a load of utter shite! Let me rephrase that…another programme featuring a group of people sitting around talking a load of shite, because let’s face it; we’ve already got shedloads of channels which consist of nothing else.

FFS – Is there not one of them with a brain? It’s not like I wanted to watch the Gooners, god forbid, but having British football on Spanish TV is popular with the Canarios as well and it would have made a nice change from watching people who like the sound of their own voices.

The white wizard’s name is once again well and truly in the bad books. At this moment in time the jury is still out as to whether he will be fed dinner or not.

It only took a second’s lapse of concentration, but a second might as well be an eternity when you’re dealing with a master criminal who has a pouch load of devious plans at hand (paw).

We’d just prepare lunch when Jesús with the healing hands (no joke), our new neighbour, appeared at our gate. As we had the usual conversation where we understood maybe 70% of what Jesús was telling us (a: we may all be going to see a film about Che Guevara at the weekend. b: Jesús may be visiting mainland Spain at the weekend. c: Maybe neither, or both of these things are happening.) and we went abstract with verb tenses in reply, we left the kitchen unattended.
At that point, Whiskas was upside down in the garden pushing out the Zs, so no apparent threat….HA!

The slightest tinkle of cutlery against crockery set off the alarm bells and I legged it back inside the house pronto to find you-know-who with his face in the tuna salad, munching for all he was worth. He managed to gulp down another mouthful before I reached him and he made a hasty retreat, outpacing my badly aimed sandal. Lunch ruined.

Its always the same...depression follows bad behaviour

It's always the same...depression follows bad behaviour

Now he’s lying on the terrace looking dejected. Maybe this is because Andy and I aren’t speaking to him, or he’s regretting his ‘eat for the moment’ assault on the kitchen. Personally I reckon the penny’s dropped that a couple of mouthfuls of tuna salad aren’t going to compensate for no bowl of cat food tonight.

Back to rehab for him!

I greeted the arrival of Euro2008 with the mental equivalent of a stretch and a yawn. The absence of England (well done to the alchemist Steve McClaren for his unique talent in being able to turn gold into shite) and Scotland had taken the gloss off the tournament for me, but one week in to the tournament and I’m completely hooked and enjoying every moment.

Holland have been scintillating to watch; by far the best team in the competition. They made the Italians look old and tired (which they are) and the French as easy to cut through as brie (never been ones to put up much of a resistance when under the cosh though, have they). To be fair to the French, they played a lot better than the 4-1 drubbing suggested and may still be a team to be reckoned with a bit of ‘bonne chance’. The Italians usually start slow in tournaments, but this time they haven’t even reached the starting block; arrividerci Switzerland methinks.

Spanish TV’s catchphrase for Euro2008 is “Podemas” (we can) and having watched the Spanish team destroy Russia and show grit and determination (not qualities normally associated with the Spanish national side who usually suffer from perennial stage fright at major tournaments) to beat a decent Swedish team, I reckon it’s a claim that’s not without merit. Spanish commentators are already talking about a Spain – Holland final (although I didn’t think that was actually possible), completely ignoring the other form team, Portugal of course, but that’s a given. During the Holland – Italy game, the Spanish commentators were cooing over Holland’s football when one of them asked the other if they thought the Dutch team’s performance was as good as Portugal’s a few days previous. Roughly translated, the other replied:
“There’s no comparison. Holland are playing the champions of the world, Portugal were only playing Turkey”
God forbid that they’d actually compliment their neighbours and rivals.

I haven’t seen Portugal play yet, so I don’t know if they’re as good as Holland, or Spain, but all of them have that perfect mix of youth and experience in their squads which could bring them glory in a couple of weeks time. Of course, you can’t write off the Germans; you can never write off the Germans.

Quarter Finals Forecast
Portugal v Germany; Croatia v Czech Rep; Holland v Sweden; Spain v France