About Dragojac

My wife Andy and I first mooted the idea of moving to another country over a bottle of retsina in a taverna on the Greek Island of Samos. The fires were fuelled by numerous other local, and sometimes disgusting, concoctions in far flung places around the globe until we decided it was time to stop talking and do something completely out of character-throw caution to the wind. We swapped Manchester for an island that at one time we wouldn’t have thought exotic or different enough to have made it onto our holiday list, Tenerife.

Yet the island we have spent the last few years learning to love and to live in, isn’t the same one that we used to read about and turn our noses up at. So now we’re on a continuing mission to spread the word that Tenerife is much more than a sun, sand and sea resort for weather weary Europeans.

After a four year stint as the main feature writers for Living Tenerife Magazine we published the guidebook  Real Tenerife Island Drives which led to a commission to write another travel guide, Going Native in Tenerife.  We also produce walking guides for Tenerife, write copy and travel articles and guides which have been used by Ling Magazine, Frommer’s, DK Guides, The Independent and Simonseeks and we’re Tenerife ‘insiders” for Tenerife.co.uk for whom we also manage a blog.

Additionally we’re trying to bring Tenerife kicking and screaming into the 21st century via the online Tenerife Magazine which we co-founded at the end of 2009 with a couple of great guys, SEO missionary John Beckley of Sorted Sites and Colin Kirby who writes about anything that moves.

Our latest venture is the travel website Buzz Trips which is aimed at people like ourselves; people who like to find a bit of adventure wherever they go.

Although most of my work is writing travel related pieces, I enjoy the freedom of more creative writing, so this blog gives me the opportunity to indulge some of these impulses and have a bit of fun.

Despite being born and brought up on a Scottish island, I spent most of my adult life living near Manchester, England and during that time developed a passion for Man Utd. Ironically, living here has meant that I’m able to watch nearly every match they as Spanish TV more or less screens all of them. The down side of this unexpected pleasure has been that I regularly have to watch games in the company of  a strange creature called ABUs (anyone but United) whose sad lives seem to revolve around watching Man Utd matches purely on the off chance that they’ll see us being defeated.

  1. rod says:

    ABUs are a sad lot.
    We watch the United games at the Plough which is a Man U. bar near the now extinct market.
    Good atmosphere and no ABU`s.

  2. dragojac says:

    You’re a lucky man rod. My ‘reserve’ bar for watching Man U (when the first choice bar, the Beehive isn’t showing a game) is managed by a Man U hating Real Madrid supporter and get this; he hates Man U coz we spend too much money on players!!!!!!

  3. Sir old Golfer says:

    I like your Blog and as we are in unrelated topics but on the same Rock I wondered if we can “Link Up”. Here is my Blog http://golftenerife.wordpress.com/
    I have included yours on mine


  4. dragojac says:

    Thanks and consider it done sir.

  5. travelmammal says:

    Hey there, just stumbled upon your site, love what you’re doing with it. Keep up the great work.

  6. Tom says:

    Hi Dragojac, love your blog.

    We are currently writing reviews for other tenerife websites and would love to feature your blog on our website.

    Please Link back to our site

    Link Text: Last Minute Holidays Tenerife

    Thank you

  7. Jodie says:

    Hi dragojac, I love your artical “all inclusive on tenerife – bring me another nail for that coffin” I am doing my dissertation currently on how the all inclusive hotels in the area of playa de arena are effecting the profitability of local restuarants, I have come accross your artical whilst researching.

    I was wondering if you have any other information or articals on this topic or if you think the local business owners would be happy to talk to me?

    thankyou very much

    • dragojac says:

      Thanks Jodie, that should be an interesting dissertation.

      You’ve probably done this already, but if not check out the reviews on Tripadvisor for the Playa de la Arena hotel to see a quite noticeable difference in how a well respected hotel suddenly went downhill when it chose to introduce AI.

      Bar and restaurant owners in Playa de la Arena talked to me quite happily about the impact of AI, so it’s worth a try. Unfortunately being Tenerife, they don’t have websites (something that doesn’t help their cause, but that’s another topic) so unless you’re on the island, a tel call is required. Two you could try are the Blarney Stone (+34 922 862513) and Casa Meco – the Sunflower (+34 922 86 12 25).

      Good luck


  8. benfast says:

    Hi there, love the blog! Just wondered if you had an email contact where I could get in touch with you more in depth? You can find all my contact information on my blog at http://twoab.wordpress.com/contacttwoab

    Thanks! And a postcard from Tenerife would be amazing 😉

  9. TiMonk says:

    I’ve read your blog and liked it a lot.
    I’m starting a blog “worldpeople.wordpress.com” and I have the ambition of having great writers from all over the world.
    If you care to join us we would be delighted! You can write about what ever you wish, the only request we make is that you do so at least once a month!
    What do you think?
    Many thanks!

    • dragojac says:

      Thanks for the invitation Ti, sounds like an ambitious blog and should be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I’ve got a lot of writing commitments on the go at the momement. This one I do for fun and to keep myself sane, all the others are for putting some bread and water on the table.


      • Ti says:

        Thank you for the kind answer.
        Anyway I wish you all the best.

        Cheers, Ti.

        (Anyway if you ever care to drop a line, you’ll be very welcome!)

  10. Tara Rajan says:

    Hi dragojac

    My name is Tara and I love your site. I lived in Tenerife for two and a half years, learnt to surf and scuba dive there and met my lovely swedish partner, all on the rock.
    I currently live in Australia but I’ve also been writing about Tenerife (I mainly write about surfing) but unfortunately people are still not that interested in the island. For Aussies its a bit too far away and for the English it obviously has a bad rep.
    Anyway, thought I would just say Hi and keep it up!

    • dragojac says:

      Thanks Tara.
      It’s true what you say. We’re constantly battling preconceptions (we had them ourselves). But thanks to the rise of social media the reality about the Tenerife outside of the resorts is finally starting to get noticed.


  11. Rudi Lander says:

    Hi Jack,

    For my current project, I am looking for a writer.
    One who is based in the north of Tenerife would be ideal.
    What I gathered from your blog-page was that you might be to busy for a new project, but maybe you know some other English speaking writers, I can contact.
    I just ‘stumbeled’ over ‘linked in’ and don’t know all the ins and outs yet, so I give you my information:

    Rudi Lander

  12. Jessica says:

    Hi Dragojac,

    Do you have a private email address I could contact you on?



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