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We live beside a cat sanctuary between Puerto de la Cruz and La Orotava and I’ve always thought that the cats around here were living in what must be as close to a cat’s paradise as you can get.

That was until we spotted this family whilst walking near La Caldera the other day.

This lot really do live in cat paradise and here’s visual evidence why…

…they live in the grounds of the trout farm in Aguamansa.

Fish on tap; talk about ‘feline’ contented.


At the risk of being judged an alcoholic I thought it might be interesting to some people to list what an average (you may, or may not consider what’s on the list as average) week’s shopping bill (at the Al Campo supermarket in La Orotava, just outside of Puerto de la Cruz) works out at for two people and a demanding cat living in the north of Tenerife.

  • 8 bottles of white wine                             19.26

(4xBaron Urzande, 2xCampo Viejo, 2xRomeral – the cheapest of these at €1.99 costs £5 in Sainsbury’s in the UK)

  • 18 cans of Dutch lager                            3.60

(We only wanted 12, but they were 3 for the price of 2)

  • 16 litres of spring water from Vilaflor            2.00
  • Barlet pears                             1.16
  • Courgette                                0.35
  • Bananas (1kg)                         0.97
  • Oranges                                  0.70
  • Celery                                     1.99
  • Green Pepper                          0.32
  • Lettuce                                   0.36
  • Carrots                                   0.24
  • Mango                                    1.17
  • Potatoes (3kg)                        2.99
  • Spinach                                  1.35
  • Apples                                   0.40
  • Onions                                   1.19
  • Garlic                                     2.09
  • Green melon                          1.83
  • Tomatoes                              1.37
  • Chickpeas                              0.59
  • Cat food (4 tins)                    2.28
  • Bacon                                    1.39
  • Minced Beef                          2.99
  • Smoked pork slices              2.29
  • Mortadelo slices                   1.00
  • Smoked mackerel fillet         1.68
  • Smoked mackerel fillet (in paprika)     1.65
  • Two whole mackerel             1.85

(Okay, it seems that we were overdoing the mackerel, but it was the first time we’d spotted the smoked fillets, so thought we’d try them – they were disappointing, but not for Whiskas who ended up with most of the smoked fillets)

  • L.casei immunitas yoghurt drink (18 – another 3 for 2 deal)                4.20
  • Frozen pack of Fruits of the Forest   (Berries are difficult to buy here) 2.25
  • Tin of Heinz Baked Beans                        0.80
  • Tub of Sobrasado (a chorizo pate) 1.00
  • Tin of Tuna                                             1.19
  • Butter                                                      1.00
  • Pack of couscous                                    1.36
  • 4 Croissants                                            1.75
  • 4 Greek yoghurts with honey and nuts (These are dangerously addictive) 1.38
  • Bar of Cadburys Dairy Milk chocolate (You’ve got to sin a little) 1.99
  • Tub of fruity Bio pot yoghurt                   1.22
  • 2 Loaves of 8 cereal bread                       4.34
  • Dozen large eggs                                     1.49
  • Bottle of Shower Gel                                 1.64
  • Shaving foam                                           1.30
  • 2 bottles of liquid soap                            2.56
  • Packet of 20 travel tissues                       2.10

Total Cost                                            €90.63

Many people either forget, or don’t realise that the tourist areas in Tenerife cover only a small part of the island. Much of rural Tenerife is steeped in a culture and tradition which hasn’t changed much in centuries and visitors don’t have to travel far to see a world which is a million miles from that of the modern resorts.

You need guts for this job - fisherman cleaning moray eels

You need 'guts' for this job - fisherman cleaning moray eels

Boat building

Boat building - small scale

Its hard work, but somebodies got to do it

It's hard work, but somebody's got to do it

I’ve just had on of the best meals I’ve eaten on Tenerife. We’d eaten in The Tasquita de Min restaurant, beside the harbour in Puerto de la Cruz, previously, but in the past we’ve only had lunch there.
It’s a popular place, frequented by mainly locals and has a reputation for being a great fish restaurant.
I’m embarrassed to admit it, but until this week I hadn’t tried one of the island’s most popular fish dishes, vieja (parrot fish). No reason why; I love fish, but for some reason I’d never gone for it. Well I have to report that for over four years I’ve been missing out on what must be one of the tastiest fishes in the sea.

Whilst Sue opted for sardines, Andy and I choose the vieja. This was mainly because we didn’t have a clue what the other two ‘fresh fish of the day’ were. One was bocinegro and the other pez perla (I’ve Googled since then and the first seems to be a red porgy and the other a pearlfish – so still none the wiser). The waiter, bless him, tried to mime what the bocinegro and the pez perla looked liked. It was a valiant effort, but a non starter.
Despite it being a Tuesday night, the restaurant was packed almost to capacity. Many of the patrons were eating plates of chicharros and fried squid; both of which looked scrumptious. The only other British diners were, oddly as it’s a fish restaurant, tucking into steaks – the ubiquitous safety net dish for Brits with conservative palates when they’re abroad.

The fish when it came was a revelation. Simply, but perfectly cooked, it was moist, slightly smoky and full of flavour. The flesh fell away from the bone and the skin was crispy and delicious. It was quite simply the best fish I’ve ever eaten and I couldn’t recommend it, or the Tasquita de Min restaurant, highly enough.

Pretty FishwifeA new addition to the harbour in Puerto de la Cruz has been causing a bit of a stir of late. Last week, Puerto de la Cruz Ayuntamiento unveiled a new sculpture by Julio Neito which pays homage to the fishwives of the town.

She’s not at all like the image I had of fishwives as a boy with their ham-shank shaped arms and legendary voices which could shatter unsuspecting eardrums at 100 paces.

The detail on her features, the pulpo in the basket on her head and the fish almost escaping the basket in her hand is quite incredible; the pulpo’s suckers glisten golden in the late afternoon sun. She is delightful and she’s gone down a storm. It’s almost impossible to get a photo of her on her own as everyone and their dog (literally) has been posing beside her, including locals as well as visitors.

She’s located right on the harbour a few yards away from where the flesh and bone fishwives sell their seafood and fish. Unfortunately, that’s where the resemblance to the sculpture ends (see para 2).