Spain is Different #1 Coffee

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Life, Spain, Tenerife, Travel
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When we forgot to buy our favourite brand of coffee during the weekly shop we picked up this replacement from our nearest supermarket. I don’t really have to say anything else…

  1. Anonymous says:

    I drink that but I go for the black packet called Carioca Oro – smoooooth….

    • dragojac says:

      LL – Not tried that one. We’re still trying to find a brand that really does it for us… but I’m not sure if that’s because we’re not very good at making coffee.

  2. Oops missed my name out, but you know who it is, I’m not really called Anonymous!!

  3. How very clean your cafeteria is! I can never keep them looking shiny like that. Is there a secret??

  4. Golly Fan says:

    Robertsons Jam Golly was banned in the UK – Like this coffee golly I thought the little chap was enchanting. Hope you keep him on the packet.

    • dragojac says:

      That’s why it’s so odd to see these on coffee packets here. It’s a little indication of the differences that exist between two modern European countries.

  5. Myriam says:

    Well, it says since 1954! Probably the package hasn’t been updated since then.
    Carioca is the name given to natives of Rio de Janeiro, most of them of African origin.

    • dragojac says:

      Thanks Miriam, interesting. Unfortunately the company is a Canarian one and there doesn’t seem to be a website (this is common) – so no history to read which is a shame.

  6. […] the difference can be fascinating and amusing; almost like being in an episode of Ashes to Ashes. Golliwogs grace the cover of packets of coffee; people get ‘blacked up’ like the Black and White Minstrels for carnival events and at […]

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