Bird Spa in Tenerife

Posted: November 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

This morning I was reminded that I’d overlooked an important task by a series of shrill, impatient tweets.

Outside the window, a queue of clearly quite irritated blue tits, finches and canaries hopped, fluttered and twittered loudly, demanding to know why their local spa had run dry; their local spa being a plant tray filled, an ornamental steel bowl and the current favourite choice for an avian jacuzzi, the cat’s water bowl – either a very stupid or very brave spot for a bird to linger.

They all scattered whilst I topped up their baths but it wasn’t long before this little fellow took the opportunity to have a soak and a splash before the ebullient Tenerife blue tits came back, bullied everyone else out of the way and hogged the bowl until it was emptied of water as a result of their frantic splashing around.

I wonder if the cat has any idea about the outrageous behaviour that takes place in his water bowl when he’s not about?

  1. Maybe Whiskers thinks it’s bird’s nest soup, not water?

    • dragojac says:

      LOL – he’ll be expecting that flavour all the time from now on.

      I’m half expecting one of these days to look out the window to see the surface covered in feathers. These birds are playing with fire.

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