Why Many Businesses on Tenerife Don’t Have Websites

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Life, Tenerife, Travel
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Apart from the stunning vistas, one of the first things that caught my eye in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco was that even in remote Berber villages, where access was by dirt track only and houses were mostly made from mud and dirt, ramshackle signs on the sides of buildings advertised their owners’ websites.

I’d already noticed that riads in Marrakech had particularly good websites compared to Tenerife where websites can still be conspicuous by their absence. But in remote villages the contrast was all the more noticeable.

It was a surprise to find that a poor and relatively underdeveloped country seemed more advanced in IT terms than its more affluent off-shore European neighbour.

I mentioned this to a guide at one point. His answer was simple, yet possibly glaringly obvious, and revealed what spoke volumes about the differences between Tenerife and Morocco in relation to attitudes regarding using the internet as a promotional tool.

“We have had to work hard for our tourists.”


  1. John Beckley says:

    Tell me about it, we’ve been marketing and designing websites for over 10 years in Tenerife and to be honest at times it feels like I’m back in deep dark Africa. Don’t get me started on how many business’s still do not participate in Social Media….and it’s FREE!!

  2. dragojac says:

    I saw a couple of private initiatives that left Tenerife for dead. I wonder how businesses would react to similar ideas here? Unfortunately I think I know the answer.

    We keep saying they’ve got to wake up some time, but some of the guys here are making Rip Van Winkle seem like a light sleeper.

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