The Whiskas Chronicles, Rise of The Planet of The Cats

Posted: September 7, 2011 in animals, Life, Tenerife, The Whiskas Chronicles
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It’s been a long time since there’s been a chapter in The Whiskas Chronicles. In my naïve human way, I believed it was because we’d all matured a little. Whiskas was no longer getting medieval on my legs and subsequently I was no longer fighting him off with the hose. We believed we’d reached an unspoken pact, where peace reigned and we lived together in perfect harmony…like ebony and ivory.

Wrong. The cat had just raised his game. He had another range of tricks up his fluffy sleeve that he’d kept hidden from us.

I should have known better (this is turning into a blog full of dodgy song lyrics). This is the master criminal who actually played possum during a storm to avoid being thrown out into the dark night; got into a bathroom cupboard and somehow managed to close the cupboard door behind him and hid from us by standing still underneath the duvet hanging over the side of the bed (given away only by the curve of his belly causing a ‘bump’ in the cover).

During these hot nights his MO is that once he’s eaten his dinner he trots out of the back door to cool down somewhere outside – or so I was led to believe. I’ve watched him do this on loads of occasions and seen him leave the premises by way of the gently wafting curtain between the bedroom and the back terrace. What I only discovered last week was that he was implementing one of his cunning plans.

As usual I’d watched him leave but this time I had to go outside a few minutes after he’d gone. But there was no sign of the cat. As I came back through the bedroom and into the living room something caught my eye. The damn cat was sitting motionless, as though playing statues, on Andy’s pillow watching me intently to see if I’d spotted him. He was abruptly despatched from his throne with a shout and a helping hand on his furry backside.. God knows how long this has been going on, Andy has been suffering with an allergic bout of sneezing for weeks. We thought summer, but cat hair on the pillow was clearly the culprit.

I’ve tracked him since and discovered that as soon as he exits the house he does a U turn and comes straight back in again via the other side of the curtain which is out of my line of sight. Obviously with us thinking he was safely outside, he’s been free to jump up on the bed and curl up on Andy’s pillow for most of the rest of the night…or until one of us made a move. Since being found out he still makes attempt after attempt to get back to what has become a favourite spot so now we have to shut the doors from the bedroom to the garden, closing off our source of air conditioning in the summer.

You cannot trust this cat for a moment, he has schemes galore in his arsenal and I had simply forgotten this or, more likely, been lulled into a false sense of security. Who knows what else goes on in that Machiavellian head.

Maybe whilst the chimps have been taking over the planet in the cinemas, the cats have been plotting and hatching plans like Billy-o. By the end of the decade we’ll all be their slaves, feeding them mice as they recline on the sofas we once lounged about on…mark my words.

  1. tenerifenell says:

    I love the story and its now just making me wonder if there is a similar reason for the sneezing and throat problems we have been suffering. They say foxes are cunning but cats most certainly have a way of getting what they want. This saying certainly rings true in our house “dogs have owners, cats have staff”.

    • dragojac says:

      “dogs have owners, cats have staff”

      I laughed at that a lot. How true. I keep asking the cat ‘what do we get out of this relationship?’ Of course he never answers – just looks (sneers) at me with a bored and superior expression.

  2. Sonja Kennington says:

    : )

  3. colleen keyes says:

    One clever moggy you have there Jack – or do I just THINK he´s thinking? Glad to see he´s still alive and well! I was missing his exploits!

    • dragojac says:

      He’s quite a character. He worked very hard to adopt us and we’ve gone through a process of that started with wanting to dump him in the Teide crater to being incredibly fond of him despite his flaws. I’m sure he’d probably say the same about us.

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