Exploring Spain’s Northern Delights in Asturias

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Life, Spain, Travel
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Just about everyone I’ve met in Asturias so far has asked the same two questions – ‘have you been to Asturias before?’ and ‘what do you know about Asturias?’

I’m ashamed to answer that not only have I not visited Asturias, my knowledge of it extends to knowing that Vicky Cristina Barcelona was filmed there. I say ashamed because not being aware of the richness of history, tradition, gastronomy, scenic beauty and life in this spellbinding region of Spain is tantamount to being a crime.

Since arriving here a few days ago my senses have been pleasurably assaulted with such an array of experiences that sight, sound, smell and taste are having a right old bust-up trying to decide which deserves the accolade of enjoying the most memorable experience..

I’m not strong enough a referee to break them up, so whilst they continue to squabble amongst themselves; here are some images of a slice of Spain which has completely bewitched me with its compelling personality.

  1. Wow! What incredible photos and what an amazing place – it will have to go to the top of my must-visit list!

  2. Super photos. I have to be honest and say it’s not somewhere I’ve given very much thought to – but I will in the future! So diverse. The first thing I will do is to watch “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” which I received a a present a couple of weeks ago, and have been saving to watch when in the mood – now I am!

    • dragojac says:

      I don’t think many people know much about Asturias. Even amongst the group of travel bloggers here there was only one non-Spanish person who had visited before! I hope you enjoy VCB, there seems to be mixed views amongst the Spanish contingent here; I’ll have to watch it again to see where I can recognise.

      I’m torn about writing about Asturias as it is just perfect the way it is…and part of me selfishly wants to keep it a bit of a secret 🙂 But then everyone else here will be writing about ity like crazy.

  3. colleen keyes says:

    Asturias is one of my favourite regions in Spain……..especially in Autumn when the huge variety of trees that grow there are changing colour – a truly impressive sight!

    Great photos Jack…….Oviedo?

    • dragojac says:

      I can see why. I’m completely hooked. The shots are mostly Ovieda but there’s also Gijon and Aviles in there. I’ll add titles to them when I get a moment (i.e. not doing something amazing).

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