The Dancing Dwarf, Ship on the High Street & Cool Shoes

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Life, Spain, Travel
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T, author of the absorbing zephyrliving blog, has a very good point. ‘How can you mention the statue of the dancing dwarf and not include a photograph?’ She asked after I’d rattled on at about dancing dwarves and Chris C’s ship the Santa Maria being parked on the equivalent of La Palma’s high street without actually including any photos of either.

The truth was that the sun went for a ciggie break behind a cloud at the time I was taking photos of both and the results were disappointing.

But T’s right – you can’t talk of dancing dwarves and surreal ships without proving their existence so here’s the evidence.

Dancing...or bursting for the toilet?

"Are you sure those compass readings were accurate?"

Oh… and just for T, here’s a photo of the ‘uber cool shoes’ mentioned in another previous blog.

Okay I realise that nowadays they look like something your granny would slip on to go outside on an icy day but they were cutting edge at the time of purchase – honest.

My cool Schuhs - a bit past their best. I know how they feel.

  1. zephyrliving says:

    Yay! I’m so excited! I didn’t want to bring up the shoes again, but I did think about it when I was commenting on your blog this time around. The uber cool schuhs are still uber cool. Past their best? Your best? I don’t think so! Thank you! And thank you for the pics of the dancing dwarf and ship. I had tried and tried to imagine in my head what the dwarf must look like. I even made some amusing sketches. But nothing I imagined compares with reality. Ha ha! I bet he was doing what we used to call “the pee pee dance.” (Small children call for silly names).

    You crack me up! (“Are you sure those compass readings were accurate?”). Does everyone around you fall to the ground laughing whenever you talk? It must be so. Thanks for giving me a much needed laugh-break from my GOP inspired radioactive hysteria and anger!

    You’ve made me want to visit your little island! Just as soon as my mouse killing spree ends! Oh, and I get my life in order and have some money and get my kids through college and… j/k

    Peace, T.

    • dragojac says:

      The Schuhs are still pretty good…and they are still unbelievably comfortable. I’ll be gutted when they finally give up the ghost and roll over on to their backs.

      The pee pee dance is a perfect description of the dancing dwarves…and not just because of the reaction it can cause when you see the little guys in action; they’re brilliant and very funny.

      Pleased to hear it gave you a laugh break…normally I just get a bemused look accompanied by a splat noise as attempts at humour fall flat on the ground 🙂



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