Cha Paula & the Chorizo of Teror

Posted: February 10, 2011 in Food, Life, Spain, Tenerife, Travel
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I’m a happy bunny. For months I’d been gutted that my favourite tapas restaurant in Puerto de la Cruz had closed down. Not only was it located in a wonderful old building it was atmospheric as hell and full of characters – maybe too much authenticity for the average visitor as it never attracted the customers it deserved.

Then, one day recently, I actually took the time to read the small notice pinned to the restaurant’s wooden doors and my world was set on its axis again; the note read:

Cha Paula has moved to Calle San Felipe

Cha Paula lives – YAY – and whilst the new building isn’t quite as colonial as the previous, it’s still rustically attractive. Most importantly the restaurant’s characters have moved with the furniture.

Once again I was able to tuck into the best small squid I’ve tasted on Tenerife and order the chorizo de Teror just to watch friends’ faces as the waiter proceeds to napalm the table.

And just in case you think that the tapas is named chorizo de Teror because of the pyrotechnic display that accompanies it and it’s a misspelling on my part, Teror is actually the name of the place on Gran Canaria where this dish originates.

Still it also works for me if you were to add another ‘r’.

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  2. zephyrliving says:

    And I thought it was named that because of the after-affects…kinda like turismo or Montezuma’s Revenge. 🙂

    • dragojac says:

      LOL- it could be that too. The thing is they soak the thing in so much brandy that it just tastes of…brandy. And even though they napalm it, it’s still cold in the middle. Still you get drunk and fed for a couple of euros so it’s a pretty good deal.

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