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A December Day in Garachico

Posted: December 22, 2010 in Food, Life, Photos, Spain, Tenerife, Travel

Anywhere that has choco burgers (cuttlefish) on the menu and an army of terrapins lazily watching diners just has to be tried…but just not on this particular day.

We’d arranged to meet up with Sarah and Terry Lee from LiveShareTravel for lunch in Tenerife’s prettiest and unluckiest town (lava flows from volcanic eruptions, plagues of locusts, floods, storms and epidemics have all paid the town a visit in the past). However, not having tried a choco burger before and therefore not able to vouch for its edibility, I wasn’t sure it was fair to introduce Sarah and Terry to the most unusual item on any menu in Garachico on their first visit.

Sarah and Terry had spent the morning descending Indiana Jones like into the volcanic tube at nearby Cueva del Viento. However, like many things on Tenerife, it took longer than scheduled giving us time for a leisurely pre-lunch stroll around Garachico and a chance to remind ourselves of the pleasures of spending time in this charming part of north west Tenerife.

Despite a weather alert for strong winds and heavy rain on Tenerife, the weather in Garachico wasn’t actually too bad. It was warm and dry, if a bit cloudy; pleasant enough conditions for exploring its sleepy lanes…well normally sleepy. On this occasion as Andy tried to film a video blog for Tenerife Holidays Blog she found that she was drowned out somewhat by loudspeakers blaring from a passing van and the toll of the town’s church bells announcing the passing of a funeral cortege. The mainly cloudy weather wasn’t ideal for capturing Garachico at its best, but the town is always reliable for providing some interesting scenes.

The plaster is cracked and the woodwork is rotted and crooked, but I liked the combination of colours on the barred window, the old cottage wall and the simple cross.

One of Garachico’s typically quaint cottage-lined back streets: cobbled, crooked and so steep that even the black cat has to stop to catch its breath.

Los Pinos restaurant – where we ate with Sarah and Terry. A friendly little place with good basic, traditional Canarian cooking. Notice that the restaurant sign hangs from a traditional rain spout.

Simply Garachico’s version of the local greengrocer.

Quinta Roja Hotel’s Terrace Café – home to choco burgers and this army of terrapins. Reminds me of the queue in the post office…except this one’s more orderly.

Los Pinos tapas selection – calamares, boquerones, salchichas, Serrano ham and the smallest portion of ensaladilla Rusa ever…after we told Sarah and Terry they served big portions here!