Since Tenerife Magazine was launched, we’ve been lucky enough to be able to offer some great holidays as competition prizes. Not that the competition is in any way difficult to enter, all anyone has to do is to become a fan of Tenerife Magazine on Facebook.

Our competition this month is a beauty, a week’s holiday at the lovely Sands Beach Resort in Costa Teguise. Unfortunately I haven’t been to the resort myself and being involved with Tenerife Magazine, and therefore not eligible to enter the competition, that’s not likely to change in the near future.

Lanzarote is obviously a popular holiday destination – just check out the pictures of Sands Beach and tell me that the idea of cooling down in that lagoon doesn’t appeal – but something I learned recently was that it’s also a popular destination for athletes. I wasn’t surprised to learn that it was a favourite with surfers, kiteboarders and divers, but I had no idea that it was a top hot spot with professional runners as well.

It might seem odd that a Tenerife Magazine has a holiday in Lanzarote as a prize, but many people who live in the Canary Islands actually take holidays on other Canary Islands. Initially I thought that was a bit odd; almost like staying over at a neighbour’s house. However, the Canary Islands all have very different personalities and scenery, so a visit to another island can be like a visit to another country.

All of which means that it won’t just be Northern Europeans who are hoping to win Tenerife Magazine’s latest competition which closes on 2nd September, there will be a load of Canary Islanders with fingers crossed as well.

Whatever your nationality, good luck to all who enter.

  1. Alison says:


    In the terms & conditions it says

    El sorteo se celebrará el día 02 de Agosto del 2010 a las 12.00 horas en las
    oficinas sociales de TOUCHDOCUN MARKETING S.L., y en el mismo
    participarán todas las personas que el día de finalización del concurso consten
    como FAN o inscritas en el apartado ME GUSTA de la página detallada.

    I believe this means it closes 16 days ago! Do find out please as I would like to enter


    • dragojac says:

      Hi Alison,

      I’m glad you pointed this out. The competition for Sands Beach definitely closes on the 2nd September. The terms and conditions relate to the previous competition. I’ll email the IT guys at Tenerife Magazine in the morning to have them removed.

      Thanks very much and go ahead and enter…good luck.

  2. Alison says:

    Thanks Dragojac – keep your fingers crossed for me to win then 🙂

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