Where the Wild Things are on Tenerife

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Life, Spain, Tenerife
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The heavy breathing was getting closer; I could almost hear the creature slobbering at the thought of food and I squeezed myself deep into the shadows, hoping that the lumbering beast would pass by without noticing me.

With other huge creatures seemingly blocking my path in all directions throughout the labyrinth, I prayed Andy was safe and cursed her at the same time for exposing us to this nightmare just because she’d heard a faint rumour that there was treasure in this vision of hell.

The beast moved on, but not before I’d been able to see into its eyes; there wasn’t much going on in there and it was too focussed on a glistening chunk of red meat directly ahead to notice puny little me.

As it passed I stepped into its shadow, the heavy frame obscuring me from others, and followed in its wake as it barged its way through to its trophy. We passed a small gap and I spotted Andy nearby. She had her hand around the grail she was seeking and was smiling triumphantly.

I saw my opportunity and broke from cover. I sprinted across open ground to where she stood and, grabbing her hand, dragged her toward the narrow opening that led to freedom. As we drew closer a couple of the creatures rumbled forward trying to get to the opening ahead of us. But they were too big and too slow and we squeezed past them, Andy holding her treasure high above her head so they couldn’t snatch it from her grasp,  just before they managed to block our escape route.

Breathing heavily and with the aggressive grunting of the wild things still ringing in our ears, we escaped that horrible place and emerged into the bright sunshine smiling widely, relieved that the experience was over.

Unfortunately Andy loves cottage cheese and, as Lidl is the only place that stocks it in Puerto de la Cruz, we’ll have to go through the whole terrifying experience again next week.

  1. Meryl says:

    Oh flippin heck, I was convinced you had been away for an All Inclusive weekend and were fighting your way to the buffet !!

  2. dragojac says:

    All Inclusive…gasp! Wash your mouth out with soap LOL.

    But, yep, I could see it working for AI as well.

  3. islandmomma says:

    That had me spluttering toast and coffee alright! I only went to Lidl once and vowed never to return. I would rather starve!

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