Fruit on Tenerife: The Time For Making Peach Chutney

Posted: July 5, 2010 in Food, Life, Spain, Tenerife
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At this time of year we normally go all Tom and Barbara Good and get in amongst the spiders to harvest whatever has  appeared on the peach and nectarine trees.

We tend to have a good year followed by a bad year in terms of yield and last year was a cracker, resulting in a cupboard full of jams and chutney.

The chutney has all but gone, but we still have a few jars of jam left which is just as well as the crop this year could hardly fill one of those little conserve sachets you get in hotel restaurants.

It wasn’t that there weren’t many peaches, just that the dry winter on Tenerife (seems crazy considering the torrential rain in parts, but they were short-lived) resulted in the fruit being on the small side. As soon as they got to any decent size some were nicked by tree rats and others were got at by various insects. That’s the price we pay for not using insecticides, but at least the remaining peaches are truly organic.

I can’t blame everything on the dry winter. The best week on Tenerife’s calender coincided with the peaches being ready for picking, but as we were out and about gallivanting peach harvesting was left later than it should have been. Anyway we managed to collect a fridge crisper box full and, using a variation of our friend Ushi on La Gomera’s wonderful chutney recipe, spent Friday afternoon making spicy peach chutney in between trying to keep up with the World Cup.

In the end we managed five jars; just about enough to keep the Manchego company till next year and hopefully a better yield.

  1. Meryl says:

    You are making my mouth water looking at that picture.

    What the hell are tree rats – squirrels???

    • dragojac says:

      LOL – yep I suppose tree rats are squirrels, but these particular ones are rats that hang about in trees and eat the peaches…and bougainvillea as well for that matter.

      When our bougainvillea started falling apart a couple of years ago we Googled it to see what it could be and everything I read said it was ‘tree rats’. These ones are quite cute really, in fact they look more like big mice with big ears. They don’t really bother us – apart from when they eat the peaches!

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