Golf On Tenerife – An Offer Golfers Can’t Refuse from Isla de Golf & Tenerife Magazine

Posted: May 11, 2010 in Life, Sport, Tenerife, Travel
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Being Scottish I’m only too aware where the game of golf originated. Forget all that nonsense about the Romans or the Chinese hitting balls with sticks, we Scots were the ones who first took to trying to knock a ball down rabbit holes. Like so many of the other world-changing inventions we came up with, it was inspired.

Not only did you get to pass the time watching over the sheep with a diverting new game, if you got lucky you whacked a rabbit and sorted out the question of what to cook for dinner at the same time.

Despite spending many bored Saturday afternoons on the Rothesay putting greens, I never took to the game myself . I’ve never played a round of golf even though I was once invited to do so by the manager of the club where the Manchester United players spend some of their leisure time. Ironically I’ve ended up on Tenerife living almost on a golf course, albeit a nine hole one…and still I haven’t been tempted to pick up a club.

However, my former neighbour, Jesús, did give it a go and after that I hardly saw him again. He spent all his free time treading the fairways, or whatever the golfing term is, consumed by his new found passion for the game.

Anyway, when I heard what the latest competition prize for Tenerife Magazine was, I immediately thought of Jesús.

The chance to win three free rounds of golf on three different Isla de Golf courses (Buenavista Golf, Golf Costa Adeje, Golf las Americas, Golf del Sur and Tecina Golf) would have had him as excited as a kid let loose in a sweet shop.

It’s a damned good prize and someone’s going to get to see some of the most stunning views on Tenerife and even La Gomera (Tecina Golf) as well as getting to play their favourite sport for free.

And all anyone wanting to put themselves in the running to enjoy three rounds on some of the best golf course on Tenerife has to do, is become a fan of Tenerife Magazine on Facebook. It’s as simple as knocking a ball down a rabbit hole.

Competition closes 2nd June 2010


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