Photo by Sufi Nawaz

Britain’s in a mess, anyone can see
Simply by turning on their HD TV
No second house in the country
The bank refused my loan
I text my best mate
On my trendy iPhone.

The Poles have taken all the jobs
A life of unemployment looms
For the kids hooked on FB and PS3
Ensconced in their rooms
There’s no work of the type they seek
Doing nothing all day for 300 a week.

I have to admit, it’s a cause for fear
Who’s going to keep them in designer gear?
And don’t talk to me about the pound
I can hardy afford to pay for the beer
When we go abroad on our hols
At least three times a year.

But today things will change, the lion will roar
The missus has already gone in her pink 4X4
Me, I’ll stop off on the way to the boozer
If I find a spot for the family space cruiser.
So I’ll tick the box and help decide our fate
Cos it’s people like me who will make Britain grate.

  1. Pamela says:

    Yep, I hope I get out of here again before any of this rubs off on me.

  2. You know, you seem uncannily insightful about the Meldrew perspective.

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