Carnaval on Tenerife 2010 – I Just Don’t Have that Carnaval Feeling

Posted: February 12, 2010 in Uncategorized
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The California Carnaval Food Stall - YUM YUM or What?

I don’t know why, but this year I just haven’t been infected by the ‘carnaval’ spirit. We’re on the eve of it actually starting big time and I feel as happy about it as a down-in-the-dumps Victor Meldrew.

It could be me, but I don’t feel that ‘buzz’ coming from Puerto de la Cruz that I usually feel in the week before carnaval hits its stride.

I haven’t heard any batucada drumbeats filling the night air announcing ‘carnaval is coming, carnaval is coming…’ Even last night there were no fireworks to accompany the election of Puerto’s carnival queen. Press releases from the town council have been more about finger pointing and back-biting than shouting out about what should be the town’s most fun-filled period and that hasn’t helped with a mood that feels as though Franco’s spirit has returned.

I was in town today, walking around the rows of beer kiosks and food stalls as the final preparations were being made for the first of Puerto’s big parties tomorrow night, but even there, I didn’t feel the usual buzz of anticipation and my favourite food stall in the whole wide universe, California, had it’s tarpaulin shutters closed – sort of symbolic really.

However, I’ve a suspicion that this is only the calm before the storm, only the storm this time is going to be of the hedonistic party till you die variety.

When the masks go on and the music starts I expect Puerto will let loose as always at this time of year and about 8pm tomorrow night someone is going to take a hypo full of carnaval spirit and shove it deep into my veins…

There was one thing that made me smile today. Taped to a wall was a council notice about official regulations during carnaval, part of which stated when the music could go on until in the streets.

On 13th, 19th and 20th February the bands and DJs at the street parties can blast out their rhythms until 6am. But on 14th – 18th they can only do it until 5am.

Only 5am – don’t you just love carnaval?


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