Tenerife’s Terrific Tapas – A Crackling Good Meal

Posted: November 17, 2009 in Food, Life, Spain, Tenerife, Travel
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Top Tapas

“My tapas is crackling.”

“What? Your tapas is cracking?”

“No, not cracking – crackling.”

We all looked down at the artfully presented ravioli de papa ‘sopresa’ on my plate and listened. To other diners we must have looked quite odd, the four of us with our ears almost pressed to a small plate of ravioli.

But there was no mistaking the noise… the ravioli was crackling and popping like a plate of Rice Krispies. There was only one way to find out why. I popped a bit in my gob.

“Jeeeeesus…” My mouth exploded in a cacophony of snap, crackle and pops. “It’s ‘space dust’.”

As ‘sopresas’ go, potato ravioli with space dust was a particularly unexpected one.

“Que sopresa,” I commented to the trendy waiter.

“Si, claro,” he grinned like a Cheshire cat.

We were in Casa Pache, our third stop on the Puerto de la Cruz ‘ruta de la tapa’.

It's Cuban Rice... but not as you know it

At that point we’d been already been presented with some imaginative tapas dishes including cuttlefish in a cilantro sauce and small pork fillets with caramelised onions and curry sauce in El Establo; seasoned minced pork encased in pastry and a truly original version of Cuban rice in Los Príncipes Café and then the ‘space dust’ ravioli and red risotto in the wonderfully eclectic Casa Pache – one of the best restaurants in Puerto.

The tapas routes are a fantastic idea. For €2.50 you get to try all sorts of fabulously mouth watering (and crackling) creations accompanied by a glass of wine, water or beer. The beer was ‘caña’ sized (more or less a half pint), so all in all a pretty damn good deal. There are 28 restaurants participating, so there’s a lot of tapas to try… and a lot of beer and wine to accompany them.

We called it a day after three restaurants, but the standard was so good that I’m eager to try a few more. However, the competition to find out who has Puerto’s best tapas finishes on 22nd of November, so time is in short supply and the choice dizzyingly extensive.

Who knows what else lies out there – prawns in a sherbet fizz sauce maybe, or ‘Angel delight’ flavoured chorizos?

Okay, you might not get presented with anything like that, but what I can guarantee is that you will definitely get to sample some ‘crackling’ good tapas.

  1. martin says:

    Are these tapas part of the regular menu or were they special just for the ‘ruta de la tapa’. Are these three restaurants during Christmas-New Year? Thanks.

  2. dragojac says:

    I think it was a mix, Martin. Some, like the exploding ravioli are definite one-offs, but others were variations on normal tapas dishes.

    We tried another three places yesterday and one, Bar Oregon, served up a tempura kebab of grilled seafood and vegetables drizzled with soysauce and salsa rojo. It was delicioso and the owner said it was one of his normal dishes.

    The standard was incredibly high throughout and now I’ve got to vote which was the best. I’m really struggling to pick one.

    I need more categories. e.g. most artfully presented, tastiest, biggest portion (Oregon’s), tastiest and most imaginative – then I might be able to make a decision.

    As far as I know, they’ll all be open Xmas/New Year… apart from probably closing early on Xmas Eve.

  3. luz10 says:

    Tenerife is great 🙂

  4. lavanda says:

    I love tapas and every time we are in tenerife staying at Ritz Resorts we dirve to Los Abrigos in order to get tapas

  5. lavanda says:

    I love tapas and every time we are in tenerife staying at Ritz Resorts we drive to Los Abrigos in order to get tapas

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