Shocking Poetry – The Bullfighter

Posted: September 30, 2009 in Poetry, Shocking Poetry, Writing
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Anyone who’s been brave enough (for ‘brave’ read ‘foolhardy’) to read any of my poems on this blog will know that I’m not of the ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud…’ school of poetry.

I tend to mess about with poetry now and again to keep the little room in my brain with the plaque ‘creative writing corner’ on it from becoming all musty and dusty.

Recently I submitted a piece to a poetry website which sometimes sets the theme for poems. This particular one was themed around ‘The Bullfighter’. In the end, because I had two ideas which appealed to me, I wrote two poems on this theme and submitted one of them.

The poem was reviewed by three critics, two Americans and a Brit. The Americans praised it, even though one didn’t like the subject matter, whereas the Brit marked it down saying it was a cold, dark and moody piece which was difficult to read or enjoy.

Fair enough comment I suppose. I do have a predilection towards dark and moody when it comes to creative writing.

I don’t usually submit poetry anywhere, so it was an interesting exercise for me to see how it would be received by others.

Anyway, here’s the poem I didn’t submit – this is the lighter one.

The End of Glory

Glazed bloodshot eyes, a snort and a bellow
He sways unsteadily from side to side
And with difficulty raises his stocky head.
There is still a spark of defiance in the eyes
Of a proud fighter facing the darkness.

Too many jabs and blows have taken their toll.
Give it up, I pray, unwilling to wreak more damage.
But he was bred for the battle and the challenge,
A fading remnant of a waning era
Who knows only death or glory.

He snorts again and steadies himself for his move.
I shift the cloth and wait, poised to react.
The bullfighter holds out his glass, ‘another’ he slurs.
And I pour a generous measure, inflicting
One more piercing blow to his thick old hide.


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