In Tenerife Even the Fruit are ‘Mas o Menos’

Posted: September 29, 2009 in Food, Life, Spain, Tenerife, Travel
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I nearly had a ‘hummus’ disaster last night. I was at the point of adding the lemon juice to the tahini and chickpea mix and decided to use some beautifully ripe little limes, or Peruvian lemons as a neighbour called them, from the local supermarket.

Its deifinitely a lime... right?

It's deifinitely a lime... right?

I sliced one in half and was about to squeeze when I thought ‘hang on a minute, mate, you’re a fraud. You’re not a lime at all.’

...Wrong, Now its an Orange

...Wrong, Now it's an Orange

The inside of the lime was suspiciously… orange.

An exploratory sniff confirmed that it was definitely not lime smelling, but neither was it orangey. It’s scent lay somewhere in between.

A quick check of Rose Elliot’s cookbook combined with a ‘Google’ soon solved the mystery of the lime with identity issues – it was a Jaffa Sweetie; a fruit whose outside is definitely limey, insides are orangey and which tastes like a cross between an orange and a grapefruit.

At first I thought only the Canarios could produce a fruit which was ‘mas o menos’ an orange/lime/grapefruit, but no they were innocent in this particular instance. It’s an Israeli hybrid of pomelo and grapefruit which is supposed to be really good for lowering cholesterol levels.

I didn’t add it to my hummus (maybe I should have and created a new type of hummus), but it did add a zing to my fruity breakfast this morning.

Anyway, be on the lookout for these fruits masquerading as limes, they could positively ruin a good tequila shot, but then again on the other hand…


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