The New Neighbours – Are They Vampires?

Posted: September 8, 2009 in Life, Spain, Tenerife
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Are we the most unsociable people on Tenerife? Very Possibly.

Jesús used to always say we hid ourselves away in our ‘cave’. Of course, the concept that we were actually working in our cave was an alien one to him, even though we did try to explain the whole ‘man works, man earns money, man can afford to eat, man doesn’t die’ radical approach to life on a number of occasions.

Anyway the weekend after Jesús left, new people moved into his ‘casita’. From the brief glimpse we got of them, we saw that they were a young couple. They’ve now been here for three weeks, we pass their house every day… and we haven’t even said ‘hola’ yet.

Jesús no doubt would blame us for being reserved Brits, which isn’t a completely unfounded allegation, but the truth is that they never leave the house, well not during the hours of daylight anyway. How can you introduce yourself to someone who never leaves the house?

Not only do they never leave the house, they very, very rarely make any sort of appearance at all. The door remains firmly closed all day long. I mean it’s summer, the temps rarely drop much below 27 degrees at this time of year. Our front door, back door, skylights and windows are all open nearly 24/7.

Jesús would say, ‘just go down and introduce yourselves, man’. He’d probably be right, but the aura that’s coming up from the casita is one of ‘we want to be left alone’.

Our kitchen window faces seaward and the casita is in full view when we’re throwing together culinary masterpieces of an evening, so it’s impossible not to be aware that the casita looks as though it’s uninhabited, except every so often the door opens briefly and shuts again as though a ghost has emerged.

We’re that intrigued as to how a young couple can live in a tiny house in a wonderful rural location in summer and never take advantage of the outside areas that we’re behaving as though we’re James Stewart and Grace Kelly in Rear Window and have formulated all sorts of theories.

Andy, especially has come up with all sorts of explanations, some of which are too outrageous to repeat (although she has planted a seed in my mind). One though was that they were shy naturists. This was based on the fact that she insists she saw the bloke from the back briefly dusting the outside of the casita in his birthday suit.

The only other signs of life are when the lights come on after dark and stay on all night (Andy has noticed this when she’s had to visit the bathroom in the middle of the night).

So based on the evidence – never leave the house during the day, but lights on and evidence of life after dark, combined with the bare butt sighting, the obvious conclusion is that they’re naturist vampires.


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