Things to Do on Tenerife – Rafting Bikes on Tenerife

Posted: August 27, 2009 in Spain, Tenerife, Travel
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When I saw Tenerife Tattle’s post about ‘Tenerife Rafting Bikes’ I was intrigued. At first I imaged three wheeler bikes on big inflatable ball wheels bobbing about in the water, but then I saw Tenerife Tattle’s follow-up video and all was revealed.

And it looks like great fun. Personally I have no inclination to try to cycle up any of Tenerife’s steeply ascending roads (that’s why we wrote a driving guide and not a cycling guide) but careening down them with the wind in my hair and my jowls doing an astronaut re-entering gravity impersonation sounds like great fun and brings back memories of simple childhood pleasures. Although I’m pretty sure these bikes don’t shake, rattle and roll as much as my old boneshaker.

A word of warning though, think seriously about what shorts you wear. If the legs are too wide you’ll not only feel the wind in your hair, but you’ll feel the wind in your shorts as well (and not just as a reaction to the steep parts) and, as this old faded shot of Andy in Greece taken a few years ago proves, it really will be a case of ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’… and remember there is always, always someone behind you with a camera.

Why Cant I Get That Queen Song Out of My Head?


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