This isn’t really about Lockerbie, but it is about being civilised.

I’m not patriotic or nationalistic; however some of the people from across the pond are pushing me to the point of painting my face blue and white and whipping out my Claymore.

I’ve got my own opinions about the release of Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, but what has really got my back up about all this has been the sanctimonious over the top response from some Americans and the either seriously stupid, or blatantly hypocritical statements from the likes of Robert Mueller and Mike Mullen. I mean do we really have to take the following seriously.

“The suggestions that have followed – that there was an intermixing of Megrahi’s fate with British interests and oil exploration in Libya – are shocking.”

An American military commander shocked at the idea that dodgy decisions could be made because of potential lucrative business interests? Maybe he’s just naïve or maybe he’s truly shocked at the idea that a civilised nation like Scotland could possibly stoop to the sort of dirty dealings that the good ol’ U.S of A have been involved in for decades.

What has really concerned me is the vitriol coming out of America. It’s frightening in the extreme and doesn’t portray some Americans in a particularly pleasant light. The ‘Have Your Say’ debate on the BBC has comments which are a disgrace. I got caught up for about an hour yesterday reading in horror some of the things which were being said.

I really don’t respond well to someone telling me I should be ashamed to be Scottish, or that suddenly I’m an enemy because of a political decision which followed due Scottish legal process.

Comments have called for a boycott of Scottish goods, that Scots are cowards and Americans to cancel any holidays to the land of the purple hills. I’ve read that America should throw the UK (because some can’t differentiate between Scotland and the UK) out of NATO – really? I wasn’t aware that it’s up to them…what’s that? Oh yes, it isn’t.
I’ve just read that there’s even been a website set up called Boycott Scotland and the United Kingdom. What is wrong with these people? If we went off on one every time the US made a decision that we didn’t agree with we’d be up in arms every other day. But then maybe many American citizens aren’t aware of what their own government has gotten up to in the past.

The bottom line from many comments is that ‘you do what we want or you’re against us’. To me that sounds like bullying and threatening behaviour and makes me wonder about the stability of our so called friends to the west.

As it happens I’m not ashamed to be Scottish, but if I was an American reading HYS I might be embarrassed to hail from the so called Land of the Free.

I’ve always believed that America and Scotland enjoyed a good relationship, even during difficult periods, such as the time that the US Air Force accidentally napalmed and machine gunned the hell out of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders on a hillside in Korea in 1950.

But it looks like there are those who still have trouble being able to tell their friends from their enemies.

(I needed to get this out of my system. I realise that most Americans probably aren’t reacting like Gung Ho GI Joes, there were some very sensible US based comments on HYS just as there were some stupid UK ones. Now I can maybe concentrate on something else)


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