The Perseids Meteor Shower in Tenerife

Posted: August 13, 2009 in Life, Spain, Tenerife
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Hands up, who saw anything? To paraphrase Jim Royle of The Royle Family:

‘Perseids meteor shower my arse.’

At around half past midnight last night, Andy and I lay on our backs on the front terrace and stared up into a slightly cloudy sky. As we waited the cloud cover broke and the sparkling stars began to shine through… but no meteors.

It was quite calming lying there staring at the stars, well it was until Whiskas spotted us from wherever it is he lurks at night and decided Andy’s hair was worth eating in the absence of anything in his bowl.

It would have been a beautifully quiet night apart from the fact that I could hear Jesús somewhere in his garden spouting hippy drippy nonsense to somebody on his mobile. Further along the garden, his sister was on her mobile taking orders for clothes, booze and fags from friends back in the Basque country (everything is much cheaper here than where they come from).

We lay there for about half an hour without seeing zilch, before we gave up and left Hippy Harry and Shopaholic Sharon to their various conversations.

We’ve seen plenty of shooting stars from our terrace, just never when the news websites tell us they’re going to happen.


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