Living on Tenerife – Jobs for the Boys… and Girls

Posted: August 12, 2009 in Life, News, politics, Spain, Tenerife, Travel
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I’ve just read a Spanish newspaper report about an investigation into Canary Islands’ president, Paulino Rivero who was accused of trying to ‘Jim’ll Fix it ‘ a job for his niece with the police force in Arona.

I have to say that when I read this I was shocked to the core… by the fact that it was considered newsworthy.

Call me Mr Cynical, but I thought good jobs going to family and friends etc was standard practice here. I’d have been more shocked to read a report about somebody landing a job through merit!!

Another report kept me reeling. It was about the authorities on Gran Canaria being outraged by a programme on national Spanish TV. They wanted an apology over the way Gran Canarians were portrayed in the show which reports bite sized snippets from Spain’s popular coastal resorts.

I watch this show, it’s one of the more enjoyable of Spanish TV programmes, and I can’t say I noticed anything particularly offensive. Gran Canaria’s outrage seemed to be because the programme showed obese topless local women and lads messing around on the beach.

Well, there are obese topless women on the beaches and the fact that Gran Canaria is embarrassed about this is, frankly, quite disturbing. There were scenes of topless and bottomless women, and men, shown on beaches all over Spain. Gran Canaria didn’t particularly stand out. In fact the only slightly embarrassing part of the programme was when they filmed in the ‘Brit’ spots at night and even that wasn’t anywhere near as damaging as I’ve seen on UK TV. But the authorities on Gran Canaria obviously weren’t concerned about how the Brits were portrayed.

It struck me, not for the first time, that they clearly haven’t a clue about how the most ‘touristy’ parts of the islands are portrayed on British TV. If the Canarian authorities thought that Spanish programme was bad, watching a couple of episodes of something like ‘Tenerife Uncovered’ would really blow their minds.


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