The Baby in the Bin

Posted: August 5, 2009 in Life, Spain, Tenerife
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“OH MY GOD!” Andy’s hands flew to her mouth. I could hear horror in her voice
“What? What is it?” Just as well I’d stopped the car, otherwise I’d have crashed it.

The colour had drained from Andy’s face, but she started to laugh.

“God, my heart’s pounding,”
her laughing was more relief than anything else. “Look.”

We’d stopped at the recycling bins to dump out empty glass jars and wine bottles. Recycling is still a relatively new concept here, so you find that some people dump their bottles straight into the bins still with lids on and in bags or cardboard boxes. Close, but no cigar.

Others fail to recognise that the recycling containers are designed for certain items only, so the bins in the Durazno barrio of Puerto de la Cruz are regularly filled with builders’ waste and all sorts of items which have been discarded. On this occasion, perched on top of the basura was what looked like a dead baby.

Of course it was only one of those realistic dolls – when did toy babies stop looking like Tiny Tears – but I have to admit that for a second it did look frighteningly real, hence Andy’s heart-stopping reaction.

So cheers to whatever bright spark left their ‘baby’ face down at the Durazno bins. You just aged both of us by a few years and life’s speeding past too fast as it is.

Gruesome Much...

Gruesome Much...


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