Photo Evidence of Tenerife’s Shocking Fashion Craze

Posted: July 28, 2009 in Life, Spain, Tenerife

I mentioned a couple of blogs ago about the disturbing new fashion trend (new to here anyway) of some lads rolling up the legs of their shorts so that it looked as though they were wearing nappies.  At the closing day of the July Fiestas on Sunday I forced myself,  against my better judgement to take a photo of one of the culprits.

I know some women say that men are just big babies, but...

I know some women say that men are just big babies, but...

This is horrible. Honestly is there a woman out there who thinks that this is an attractive look, or who would be happy to walk beside their partner if he was dressed like this?

  1. gabriele says:

    How right you are. It really looks like the guy has turned back to baby fashion.
    Wondering what you think of a 60 year old displaying aging legs with mini dress by Strativarius
    for going to beaches. After all, we want to feel good and less hot. Right?
    Therefor, one should not see everything as fashion statement but something which could be a one off for a specific moment such as extreme heat.

  2. dragojac says:

    Anything from Stradivarius is usually good, so definitely OK.

    Had the guy in the picture simply turned up his shorts legs because of the heat it would have been forgiveable. But he’s definitely following a fashion trend in town, so no ‘extreme heat’ pardon for him! 🙂

  3. andymont says:

    On the plus side, the guy has got very nice legs!

  4. Gabriele says:

    As long as a fashion trend makes us giggle, OK.
    It is good to laugh. Right?
    On the other hand, fashion shouldn’t offend.
    But, that is in they eye of the beholder.

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