I’ve mentioned the disturbing ‘Zoolander’ haircuts amongst some of the young lads in Puerto de la Cruz before, but at the Virgen del Carmen celebrations last week we were faced with some sights which made the ridiculous hairdos seem quite sensible. Trouble was that it was also the ‘Zoolander’ lads who had adopted a fashion style which although unique, was quite the most stupid look I’ve ever seen in my life. They’ve achieved a fashion crime double whammy.

So what is this innovative new look favoured by the chavs on Tenerife’s northern coast?
For some reason they’ve decided that rolling one leg of their swimming shorts up as far as it’ll go is an attractive fashion statement.


Some even go as far as to roll both legs up giving their shorts the appearance of a nappy. I mean nappies don’t even look good on babies, but on 18 year old lads they become really quite unnerving? Is there some weird sexual cult in Puerto that we don’t know about?

There were loads of them dressed like this, but bugger it if I’ve actually managed to capture one on film to have you clasping your hand to your mouth at the horror. My camera must have a built in ‘good taste’ function. I know I usually wait till ‘undesirable’ people exit the lens before taking a shot (I’m not going into detail, lest it offends, but someone wearing knee length socks with sandals results in immediate camera swerve), so maybe I’m doing it subconsciously now.

You’ll just have to take my word for it, the look is beyond funny, it’s frightening; only a complete moron could think that it’s a good look.

“I feel really sorry for their girlfriends,’” was Andy’s open mouthed response when faced with hordes of what could have easily have been young masons at the beach.

Most young Canarios look annoyingly effortlessly stylish, but I think these guys come down from the hills and try to emulate a type of chav style and get it horribly wrong.

As I don’t have a photo of the one-legged chavs I’ve included a shot of these girls on a balcony instead. Not just as an excuse to post some eye candy, but as a cautionary tale. This lot are the Sirens of Puerto de la Cruz with their sweet smiles and gestures luring you closer to take a photo of them…

Closer, closer... just a little bit closer.

Closer, closer... just a little bit closer.

…and then their mate appears and does this. Don’t be fooled.

 Take that suckers!!!

Take that suckers!!!


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