Be on your guard in Puerto de la Cruz, there’s a foul wind about.

Posted: July 18, 2009 in Life, politics, Spain, Tenerife
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I had the misfortune last night to turn on the TV just in time to see MI Tierra TV station screening another disgraceful example of ‘pitchfork politics’ in Puerto de la Cruz.

Once again at the centre of the unpleasantness was the man who is unable to accept he is no longer mayor, Marcus Brito.

The protest was in relation to the opening, or delayed opening, of the renovated Cofradía de Pescadores building near Puerto’s harbour. Ironic that Marcus Brito was at the centre of the protest considering the building had lain almost derelict, like many of Puerto’s older buildings, for years under his leadership, but ‘his protesters’ seemed to have forgotten that little fact.

The reason I mention this is that this man and his mob (and I use the word mob deliberately) worry me.

Their politics are spiteful and potentially dangerous and their continual attempts to destabilize the council are not in the best interests of Puerto de la Cruz. But that doesn’t seem to bother them in their quest to regain power.

Mi Tierra TV was there to film the protest, of course. Any time I watch Mi Tierra TV, my heart drops. It specializes in personal attacks against politicians and people it doesn’t like – focusing on personal appearance and even insulting the parents of politicians. It isn’t pleasant. It’s anti women’s rights and anti gay. In fact fascism is the word that springs to mind when I watch Mi Tierra TV.

And according to Wikipedia it’s financed, surprise, surprise, by Marcus Brito.

I don’t know how much non-Spanish speakers keep up to date with politics in Puerto de la Cruz, but if you’re an ‘extranjero’ resident here, believe me it’s worth keeping your eyes on proceedings because you get the feeling these people want our money, but they don’t really want us.

I’ve just read an interview from a couple of years ago where Brito complains about another TV company because of its attacks against him (Brito doesn’t appear to understand irony), he goes to great lengths to emphasize the fact the company is German owned, as though that made its points less valid. A politician in Icod de los Vinos had her integrity questioned by his TV company because, get this, she came from the mainland!!!

Their approach is so distasteful that the UPCC (Union of Media Professionals) once issued a statement denouncing Mi Tierra TV for bringing the honor and professionalism of journalists in the north of Tenerife into question.

Thankfully a lot of people seem to have the measure of them and there are plenty of ‘denunciations’ to be found if you look, but nevertheless the idea of this man getting back into power really worries me, so I’m continuing to keep an eye on his political shenanigans.

If you live in Puerto you should too.


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