TripAdvisor Tenerife…The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But…Unless You’re Liquidised.

Posted: May 21, 2009 in Food, Life, Spain, Tenerife, Travel
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I’m outraged of Puerto de la Cruz. I’ve just been censored on TripAdvisor Tenerife, or as one expert wittingly coined the phrase…liquidised.

This happens when members go ‘off-topic’, or post abusive, offensive or racist comments and TA Big Brother steps in and wipes out their post. This seems to have been happening more and more recently. Anything that’s remotely juicy disappears, replaced with the intriguing:

-:- Message from TripAdvisor staff -:-
This post was determined to be inappropriate by the TripAdvisor community and has been removed.

When you dip into TripAdvisor Tenerife, you’ll notice that many of the queries don’t make for engrossing reading, so a little contentiousness adds a bit of welcome spice now and again. When I log in and see the ‘message removed’ post my curiosity is aroused; what could have been so bad to have warranted being ‘liquidised’?

Well I’ve just found out.

A musician who sang in the Casablanca Apartments resurrected a post about Puerto de la Cruz from a couple of years back to mention that they were now singing in the Shamrock Bar in town (cue post removed for self promotion), but that wasn’t what prompted me to reply. What prompted me was this from an earlier comment:

“I cooked quite a bit when I stayed at the Casablanca cos we found it difficult finding a decent English restaurant, I live in Spain and never found Spanish food tasty, I live near Benidorm and I like good old English carveries etc. You will really enjoy your holiday, don’t get me wrong but I wouldn’t recommend Puerto for its restaurants.”

Now somebody having a severely limited palate is their own business. But when they go on a public travel advisory forum and try to tell people that Puerto’s restaurants aren’t very good they make it everybody’s business. They are putting their empty head above the parapet and should therefore expect to be shot at.

I felt compelled to comment, to put the record straight…and found myself subsequently liquidised.

Okay, there might have been a hint of sarcasm in my reply (it could and probably should have been a lot worse) but basically I confirmed that if anyone wanted English restaurants, then Puerto de la Cruz was not the place for them. However, if someone was looking for cuisine which reflected the Canarian, Spanish and South American influences found in authentic Tinerfeño towns then maybe it was.

My advice is gone, but that of someone who is clearly gastronomically challenged remains…and we wonder why a lot of people continue to view Tenerife as little more then Britain in the sunshine.

  1. ton says:

    Trip advisor will ultimately lose out – they’ll become bland and boring – if they haven’t already. censorship sucks!

  2. Alison says:

    Unfortunately it will probably be Puerto De la Cruz that loses out ultimately. I am disgusted that your post attempting to balance opinions was removed. As I understand PDLC is quiet and a few of my friends there in business are struggling – so the quality of any publicity is very important in order that people go to visit one of the nicest places on the island.

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  4. Sylla says:

    Absolutely Dragojac…..

    You don’t go to Tenerife to find Roast beef a yorkshire ….! And I know all about “Liquidised” on TA…

    The whole of Tenerife is a wonderful experience, food , scenery, towns and Villages … Sun….and not forgetting the wonderful people…..

  5. Sparhawk1 says:

    I agreed with the post that was removed and found my one removed as well TA seem to be a law to themselves. We all choose what we do and don’t like where ever we go but to force your bias opinion on others is not the way to make any friends and TA are heading down a very rocky road if they continue to stop both sides of any thoughts posted

  6. lenny9 says:

    totally agree

    on the benidorm forum there was a 8 page long debate reagarding benidorm and it’s different nightlife, there was good and bad wrote in the atricle and it got a bit juicy, but there was nothing wrong in it

    a day zap it had gone the whole thread.

    And i’ll say it again sparhawk1…welcome….lol

  7. I love Puerto, so much so I go my holidays there and I live 50 miles away in the South, sad or what ?

    As for the food, everyone to their own, you can find English food if you want it. We love the change, the pace and the diversity and exploring the villages round about.

    I have many Spanish Golfing friends who have business there and none of them look starved ..


  8. luna says:

    Hola Amigos en Puerto de la Cruz!
    We would love to go there some time when we are having holidays, and we would like to know about live music up there. So please tell us something about where to go for god oldstyle live music not tecno or dj shit. Also where to eat good and cheep but not piza pasta or burger stuff.
    We are living and working in Tenerife south, so we can not go there before May. In case you are going to Tenerife south and want to enjoy and dance to some oldstyle live music then seach for Little Joe Tenerife, at the moment he plays at place behind hotel Vulcano in Las Americas
    Try google “Little Joe Tenerife” for more info – he has videos on Youtube too.
    Hugs from Luna in Las Americas

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