Life on Mars isn’t fiction after all

Posted: May 5, 2009 in Life, Movies, Spain, Tenerife
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Life on Mars - well parts of Tenerife are other worldly

Life on Mars - well parts of Tenerife are other worldly

There was a moment last week when I wondered if the real me was lying in a coma somewhere and my subconscious had travelled back in time to nineteen seventy something.

The blackboard menu offered chilli, curry half and half and probably gammon steaks with a pineapple ring on top. The waitress had just served sandwiches with their crusts cut off stacked up toblerone shaped on a plate with no trimmings, Last of the Summer Wine was on the telly and ‘Paperback Writer’ was blaring out of the pub next door. I’d just been telling my sister’s new boyfriend about the local goat’s cheese being delicious especially if you drizzle some ‘miel de palma’ over it and as I waxed lyrical about it being a taste sensation, I suddenly saw Gene Hunt sitting across from me with an expression which said ‘what a nancy boy woofter’. My sister’s boyfriend hails from my home town of Rothesay; a place where, if you’re a bloke you don’t drink wine or eat…well anything (real men don’t eat they just drink).

It was a surreal moment especially as everything around me; the sounds, the smells, the accents, were unmistakeably British. There wasn’t the slightest trace of Tenerife to be seen. There was nothing particularly offensive about it; everything was pleasant enough (actually that’s a lie, the food was blandly awful), it just didn’t feel like the Tenerife I knew; it didn’t even feel like the Britain that I knew from 2003; it felt like Britain circa 1975.

Maybe DI Sam Tyler in Life on Mars and then DI Alex Drake in Ashes to Ashes didn’t actually come round in 1973, or 1981; maybe they both just woke up in that particular corner of Tenerife.


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