Bureacracy on Tenerife – Return to the Demon Woman

Posted: March 19, 2009 in Life, Spain, Tenerife
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As sure as night follows day, you could have laid bets that when we returned with the ‘necessary’ forms to the dingy little social security office in La Orotava we’d be seen by the same demon woman who thwarted us last time.

A triple check of the documents confirmed that there was nothing else they could possibly ask for (did we really believe that) and by 10.00 we were No 47 in line. No 32 was being seen at the time, so not too bad.

45 minutes later, it was out turn. There were four officers dealing with the public and we prayed that we’d see any of them except the hard hearted Hannah who had dismissed us so perfunctorily last time. Of course the gods like their little jokes and they timed it perfectly so that the chairs in front of her became free just as the No47 flashed up on the screen.

If she remembered us from last time, she didn’t let on, but this time she didn’t question our marriage certificate. She did check out my passport with her supervisor. What the hell for who knows? Maybe she’d been witness to me being accused of being an assassin at Corpus Christi a couple of years ago and was checking Interpol records just in case.

We sat waiting her verdict like a pair of nervous kittens (this is what these administrative demigods reduce you to) as she perused our documents.
This time she decided we had all the necessary paperwork and as she tapped our information into the computer; a smile even flashed across her face. We were her slaves and she knew it and that was enough, she was sated and another milestone in the never ending paper trail could be ticked off.

Now, after paying autonomo for the last few years, we are actually entitled to see a doctor if required…well that’s the theory.


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