Springtime for scaly things on Tenerife

Posted: March 18, 2009 in animals, Life, Spain, Tenerife, Travel
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We’ll have to see whether winter is definitely over here in Tenerife. Okay I know using the term winter when the temperature rarely drops much below 20 degrees (although this year 17 degrees has been a common daytime companion) will elicit a scoff in northern European climes. Calima ups the temperature unrealistically for the time of year and brings height of summer heat with it, so we’ll only know what the true temps are after the hot, sand filled weather phenomena passes.

Its presence has been enough to fool the lizards into thinking it’s time to wake up from their state of semi-hibernation. Clearly the unseasonably high temperatures have fooled them into thinking it’s much later in the season than it actually is and they’ve been scuttling about in a frenzy like the White Rabbit late for the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

What Dya mean its spring already?

What D'ya mean it's spring already?

Brushing my teeth I was rudely interrupted by a commotion above me followed by a four inch lizard falling through the skylight. Luckily, for this very reason, we have a screen under the skylight and the lizard’s suicidal leap was cut short. A short time later I heard Andy let out a yelp from the back terrace; another lizard, in its frenzied scuttling, had misjudged the end of the roof and ran right off the tiles, landing with a splat at Andy’s feet (this lemming like behavior gets worse as we get further into spring).

Then later, when I opened our outside gas cupboard and I put my hand on the steel door frame, the sensation under my palm wasn’t one of cool steel, but one of cool scaliness. It took a second for me to cotton on what it was, helped by the fact that the door frame started to wriggle under my hand. I let out a surprised yelp and jumped back as, underneath my hand, a shocked gecko did the lizard equivalent of the same thing.

Clearly I’ll have to dust off my gecko radar as we’re obviously entering the season when the little buggers have started behaving like Cato in the Pink Panther movies.


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