Tenerife Carnaval 2009 – Dancing in the Street

Posted: February 24, 2009 in Life, Spain, Tenerife, Travel
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I think your ties slipped Cleo

I think your tie's slipped Cleo

The trouble with simply enjoying yourself at one of Carnaval’s street parties is that there’s too much going on and for people watchers like us, it’s a voyeuristic overdose. We continually circuit the Carnaval area to make sure we’re not missing the best music and to spot what the best costumes are on show this year. Between 01.00 and 02.00, the streets were relatively easy to negotiate, but by 03.00. Plaza del Charco was a seething mass of colour (see Carnaval Photo of the Day #2) and progress along Calle Perdomo involved simply surrendering ourselves to the beast and letting it play with us for a while before spitting us out at the other end of the street about forty minutes later. It was a bit like a Russian roulette version of dancing and progress was unpredictable as we were bumped and squeezed between masked strangers, sometimes bodily contact was such that, had this been on my home island of Bute, a marriage proposal would have been expected afterwards.

Electric blue and fibre optic purple wigs were popular on Saturday night. Personally I reckon there was a design flaw when humans were evolving (or being created depending on your religious stance). I’ve never seen anyone who didn’t look fantastic in a blue or purple wig.

Somehow I suspect these nurses dont have warm hands!

Somehow I suspect these nurses don't have warm hands!

But for me, the best costumes were the ones with wit and originality and on Saturday night my favourites were a Rubik’s cube, some fluffy dice and, as always, the serious trannies. The trannies always stand out at Carnaval and not just because they’re wearing 6 inch heels. Their costumes are usually elaborate, sometimes risqué, but are always eye-catching, but it’s their faces I love. Exaggerated makeup masked faces etched with world weary lines which conjure up memories of Terence Stamp in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Some look fearsome creatures, but happily strike a pose whenever a camera appears. These are the true veteran showgirls of Carnaval.
On Saturday we managed to dance and sway our way around the circuit until sometime after 4 a.m. when a tiny shard of common sense (when common sense makes an appearance at Carnaval it proves we must be getting old) suggested it was time to leave the party if we wanted to last the week.  And so at around 5 a.m., after a forty minute walk home and a marathon face paint removing session we collapsed into bed having survived day one of Carnaval in Puerto de la Cruz.

  1. Anonymous says:

    its quite good the custome, most are very different ,fantastic, go ahead guys enjoy

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