Carnaval is Coming…In fact I can hear it knocking at the door.

Posted: February 19, 2009 in Life, Spain, Tenerife, Travel
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Saturday night – 3 weeks ago

Andy: “You know, carnaval isn’t that far away. We should start to think about what costumes we’re going to wear this year and not wait until the last minute like normal.”
Me: “Good idea, let’s come up with some ideas now.”
Both of us take a sip of wine and stroke our chins a la Bob and Vic’s ‘ponderers’.

Saturday night – 2 weeks ago

Andy: “We’ve really got to give some serious thoughts to carnaval costumes.”
Me: “Absolutely; any ideas?”
Andy: “I thought Amy Winehouse for one of them; she must be easy to do. I’ll Google some images of her tomorrow. What about you?”
I take a sip of my wine and stroke my chin.

Saturday night – 1 week ago

Andy: “I can’t do Amy Winehouse,”
Me: “Why?”
Andy: “Well, I’ve got the nose, but I don’t have the bust and she has hers up and out there.”
Me: “Shame,” I think for a second. “We could always do the cowboy thing like last year.”
Andy: “No way, my attempts to look like a man were too realistic and your attempts to look like a mean gunslinger failed completely.”
I though back to the embarrassing photographic evidence.
Me: “You’re right, instead of looking like Brad Pitt in Jesse James I looked more like Slim Pickens in Blazing Saddles.”
Both of us: “Hmmmmm…”

Will the real Slim Pickens stand up

Will the real Slim Pickens stand up

Last Night

Romes Cleopatra - Andys costume for Caranaval? Well See...

Rome's Cleopatra - Andy's costume for Carnaval? We'll See...

Andy: “That’s it I’ve decided. I’m going to dress up as Cleopatra. She’s got a distinctive look; can’t be difficult – lot’s of eye make up.”
Me: “What would you wear though?”
Andy thinks for a second.
Andy: “We’ll have to watch the last series of Rome again to see what she wore in that.”
Me: “As I remember she didn’t actually wear much of anything…which should certainly attract some attention at carnaval.”
There’s a slight pattering of rain on the window reminding us that it’s still on the cool and occasionally wet side.
Andy: “…Maybe not then.”
Me: “We’ve still got a couple of days to get ourselves sorted. Fancy watching an episode of The West Wing?”

As sure as night follows day, you can bet that come the opening night of Carnaval in Puerto de la Cruz, we’ll be scrabbling about with face paints and old clothes desperately trying to come up with something that doesn’t make us look like complete geeks…and probably failing miserably.

  1. Pamela says:

    You know, I think this is why so many people have invested in those “animal babygrow” costumes. They’re easy to slip on and warm.

    Erm, shouldn’t you be doing something African and tribal this year in Puerto? The cats have a zebra blanket you could have borrowed.

  2. dragojac says:

    Ahem, I think you’ll find…Cleopatra…North African…

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