A Blast from the Past

Posted: February 14, 2009 in Life, Movies, Spain, Tenerife
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A retro treat for the mouth

A retro treat for the mouth

Yesterday at the Correos we collected a Christmas pressie from my sister. A bit late you might think, but as we unwrapped the goodies she’d sent us, it soon became clear that it was quite appropriate receiving a parcel when Christmas was long gone as the treasure trove of goodies inside were themselves a blast from the past.

Okay, Mamma Mia – the Movie is new, but clearly the songs within aren’t. Along with the DVD was a straw basket full of rainbow coloured retro sweets (parma violets, blackjacks, flying saucers, lovehearts, sherbet dips…etc see how many you can spot in the piccie) which caused great excitement between myself and Andy (and will probably lead to a lot of squabbling over who gets what later on).

Fandabbydosey (I can’t believe I’ve just written that – see what a retro parcel can do to you) so far, but the belated birthday present which came with the Xmas pressies was the real showstopper.

From a long time ago, in a galaxy far away

From a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away

It was a framed drawing of a caricature of me which, for nearly 30 years, had hung in a pub which I was never out of during my formative years.

Back in the early 80s a Canadian girl was on Bute (where I hail from) working on a feature for National Geographic. She spent some of her free time hanging out in the Struan Bar, where my mates and I spent most nights drinking far too much lager and impersonating Minnesota Fats. In exchange for free ale, she offered to draw caricatures of all the locals. A smart arrangement on her part as it kept her in beer for most of the summer.
By the time she was finished; one of the bar’s walls was completely filled with drawings of a motley collection of characters – aka the pub’s clientele.

I’d forgotten about the drawing until I unwrapped it. I’ve never though that it looked particularly like me…far more prominent jaw line than I’ve ever had, but it was possibly quite the most surprising and personal present I’ve ever received and I was completely blown away by it. God knows how my nephew, Ross got hold of it (he did explain it in a poem, but I’m not sure what was beer fuelled fantasy and what was real), but it’s a wonderful memento to own and I’ll treasure it.

So last night was spent munching on flying saucers and beaming our way through Meryl and Pierce belting out tunes I hadn’t heard for years whilst an 18 year old version of myself looked down on us from its position on the wine island.

It was an unexpected trip to retroland and I have to say that it was a most pleasurable journey and as for Mamma Mia – I’m still smiling. Sometimes you can’t beat just simple feelgood fun.


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