Rum and Movie Day…I wish

Posted: December 15, 2008 in Life, Spain, Tenerife, Travel
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Who says the north of Tenerife is rainy and cloudy?

Who says the north of Tenerife is rainy and cloudy?

I should be knee deep in Dalmatians and Persian Blues by now, seeing as how it’s rained cats and dogs all day. It’s been what our friend Jo calls a ‘rum and movie day’. A day when the sky stays moody grey, except for the times when it turns black, the clouds explode and monsoon like rains saturate everywhere. Jo’s response to this sort of weather is to crack open the rum, light the fire and settle down on the sofa to watch her favourite movies.

Nice idea, but with Christmas bearing down on us like a runaway locomotive and no presents posted to blighty as yet, we had designated this morning as the day for the voyage into a nightmarish hell, or less dramatically, the trip to the Correos to post Christmas presents to the family.

We’d spent yesterday shopping for the last of the presents. I don’t mind Xmas shopping; in fact I positively enjoy it when it’s for people who have lots of hobbies and interests. There are loads of great things to buy here. Unfortunately, some of our family members don’t have any interests or hobbies and that’s when it can become a real chore. Luckily there was an Extreme Race taking place beside the harbour in Puerto de la Cruz, so we took time out from the increasingly stressful shopping trip to watch ‘loco’ men and women negotiate various obstacles. The final obstacle in the race was a container of foamy water which meant that the contestants finished the race looking like exhausted mutant

Snowmen - and women- invade Puerto de la Cruz

Snowmen - and women- invade Puerto de la Cruz


The idea of the Xmas trip to the Correos weighs heavily. You know that you might as well write off the day and that any semblance of a good mood is going to be left in shreds by the time you emerge. The persistent rain just added to the feeling of gloom. (However I have to say at this point that even though today’s a gloomy, rainy day, the temperature is still around the 18-20 mark, so it feels more like an average UK summer’s day).

Walking through the Correos’ front door confirmed the worst; it was packed out. We took our ticket – 324 and looked at the electronic display. It was at number 266. There were nearly sixty people in front of us – Goodbye Monday. But lo and behold, someone somewhere was smiling on us because the assistants whizzed through the queue. There were no dodderers; there were no people with van loads of parcels and the counter assistants were actually behaving as though they knew what they were doing. A mere fifty minutes later it was our turn and three minutes after that we were walking out of the front door with the worst Christmas task completed…FREEDOM.

Now we can sit back and enjoy Christmas…well once we put up the decorations.

Christmas shopping - just grin and bear it

Christmas shopping - just grin and 'bear' it


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