The Whiskas Chronicles: Know your Enemy

Posted: December 12, 2008 in animals, Life, Tenerife
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The finca around us is pretty much a little bit of paradise for animals; a place where cats and dogs live in harmony together…most of the time. There are clearly times when instinct causes a dog cat chase situation, but these are quite rare and usually only happens when a stray cat wanders into the area.

There is one exception to the canine/feline peace treaty – Whiskas.

He is persona non – gato amongst the Disney Gang. Knowing Whiskas he is undoubtedly the master of his ‘unwanted criminal – chase on sight’ status. His very appearance causes mayhem, usually resulting in an Indiana Jones like chase with Whiskas sprinting for sanctuary (i.e. our house) pursued by the motliest (I know that’s not a word, but it should be) crew of dogs you have ever seen.

This is the Disney Gang

Detests Whiskas with a vengeance; spends most of his time snoozing in the shade of a palm tree…unless he spots his nemesis from the opposite end of the colour spectrum in which case we’re into a Beano type dog and cat chase.

Blackie in his favourite spot

Blackie in his favourite spot

‘The Sheriff’; known to us until recently as ‘blindy’ because he’s…well blind. If there are any altercations between cats and cats, dogs and cats, dogs and dogs, Poppy’s first on the scene to try to sort it out.

Poppy on parade

Poppy on parade

Mismo (pronounced meeeemo, usually preceded by an ahhhhh)
Possibly quite the cutest dog in the universe; more knitted toy than dog; the ‘I just have to pick you up and hug you’ appeal of Mismo is ruined by a foul breath which smells of rotted fish and an aversion to personal hygiene which has earned him the nickname of sucio (dirty). The ‘Pig Pen’ of the dog world. (note: impossible to photograph on his own as when you kneel down to take the shot, he trots over and sticks his face in the camera lense; hense the need for Jesús lend assistance)

Mismo, Jesus and Smokey Joe - figure out which is which

Mismo, Jesus and Smokey Joe - figure out which is which

Called three legs by us, for obvious reasons; this dog just breaks you heart. Originally bred for hunting, she spends her days running about on her three limbs as happy as Larry, snuffling in the undergrowth for lizards.

Tessie snuffling for lizards

Tessie 'snuffling' for lizards

Another lizard hunter and Tessie partner in searching for reptiles to chase; Nana will dig a hole to Australia in pursuit of a lizard. Like a lot of little dogs, bit of a narky bugger.

Nani - half fox, half dog

Nani - half fox, half dog

Newcomer and young upstart; will eat anything and hang the consequences – spiky bougainvillea, chillies and even electricity cables. Gets bored easy so is always looking for mischief.

Timbas most oft used expression - looking guilty

Timba's most oft used expression - looking guilty

The reality is Whiskas could probably take any of them on a one to one basis.


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