The Whiskas Chronicles: Dining Etiquette

Posted: December 10, 2008 in animals, Life, Tenerife
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The whole eating inside situation created a few issues. Until his bowl was moved into the kitchen, Whiskas was banned from being allowed into the kitchen on the basis that he is completely untrustworthy.

He was allowed to sit on the top step and watch proceedings, but that was it except for when it was his feeding time. Then he was allowed to watch, and comment, on how much was being put in his bowl. God bless the cat, but he seemed to grasp the ‘rules’ relating to when he could and when he couldn’t enter the kitchen and stuck to them.

The eating inside situation has complicated matters and our subsequent amendments to these ‘rules’ must have made them quite complex for an animal with a small brain:

These are the amendments he’s been verbally issued with.

No unaccompanied entry is allowed into the kitchen…except:

  1. At feeding time when you can remain unsupervised until such time that you have finished stuffing your face. At which point you must leave the kitchen area immediately.
  2. If there’s any food left in your bowl, you can re-enter the kitchen at any time until it’s all gone (then see A above).
  3. When you’ve been out of the house for any length of time, on return you’re allowed one check of your bowl to see if you’ve left any food in it from the previous feeding time, or to see if it’s miraculously been refilled (he added that one).

At all other times, access is denied beyond the top step.

And here’s the freaky thing; in the space of a week or so, Whiskas grasped these rules and, generally speaking, has abided by them ever since.

He is one frighteningly smart cat.


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