The Tropical House Centipede

Posted: December 10, 2008 in animals, Poetry, Tenerife
Tags: , , , ,

I though I’d be scared the first time I saw you
Your name conjured images of a creature to be feared
Slithering along on too many legs for my liking
Each one threatening a poisonous touch
A thought I couldn’t erase from my head
That an encounter with you and I could end up dead.

A bloated bladder forced me awake in the wee small hours
And I saw you, with your silky coat and feathery legs
You glided across my bathroom floor, not a creepy crawly at all
An elegant insect instead, almost pretty I felt
The internet says that you’re shy; a creature of the night
The worst damage you can do is deliver a painful bite.

From that point it seemed kind of nice
To be sharing a house with something exotic
But you clearly didn’t feel the same and went to ground
Retreating to dark corners, way out of sight
Have you gone forever? It would be nice to know?
For then I could stop worrying about being bitten on the toe.


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