Marvellous Mussels

Posted: December 2, 2008 in Food, Life, Recipes, Tenerife
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For some reason mussels had dropped off our radar as a semi-regular item on the shopping list. It must be nearly two years since we last bought any, which is an absolute crime.

We’d planned on trying ‘drunken salmon’; a delicious looking recipe I’d noticed on the Tenerife Forum, but when we got to the supermarket, the salmon fillets were a) small and b) expensive, so a rethink was in order. Beside the salmon were bags of beautiful, shiny black mussels – Moules et frites was on the menu.

The tedious thing about mussels is getting the barnacles off. This usually involves me hacking away at them with a small knife which usually presents more of a risk to my digits than the barnacles. These ones, however, were largely barnacle free and their ‘beards’ were little more than bum fluff, so for a change, preparation was a ‘digit losing’ risk free zone.

We tend to use a customised Rick Stein recipe.

So we threw the mussels in a large, heavy bottomed pan – added a couple of ounces butter, chopped onion, generous dollop of white wine, a fistful of chopped fresh parsley and the extra ‘secret’ ingredients, a chopped garlic clove and a chopped chilli.

We whacked the gas hob up to high and covered the pan; lifting the lid to turn the mussels every now and again until they were all open (only a few minutes).



Then we put them into a bowl, sprinkled some more parsley on them and served with home made chips and a dollop of mayonnaise (and the rest of the white wine).

They were quite the tastiest mussels I’ve ever had the pleasure of scoffing…and dead simple to prepare to boot. We’re mad to have denied ourselves such a simple and cheap treat for so long?


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