I believe I Can Fly...

"I Believe I Can Fly..."

The main Fiesta of San Andrés celebrations took place on Saturday. We spent the afternoon in Icod de los Vinos watching mad local lads careening down the town’s incredibly steep hills on customised tin trays and crashing spectacularly into walls of tyres at the bottom. It was like a sort of urban ski jumping without the snow.

In the evening we headed into Puerto de la Cruz and sampled some wines from small bodegas in the Orotava Valley from the little stalls set up around the harbour. Each stall also had some nibbles to accompany the wine, so we also tried some local goat’s cheese, gofio, chorizo pate montaditos and tiny papas arrugadas (literally, wrinkled potatoes).

Feeling slightly light headed from over enthusiastic wine tasting, we wandered across to one of the kiosks overlooking the harbour and ordered a plate of beef pinchos (tender kebabs) with bread, mojo verde and mojo rojo (Canarian sauces that are usually served with papas arrugadas) and a small carafe of country wine and ate our food whilst listening to the sounds of a traditional Canarian band.

Hot Stuff

Hot Stuff

When we finished eating we strolled around Plaza Charco where hordes of kids were dragging convoys of tin cans on string across the cobbles (a local tradition) making as much noise as they could manage, and stopped to listen to a steel drum band which was getting in some early practice for Carnaval. When a group of girls sauntered into the square and heard the drumbeat they broke into an impromptu and perfectly choreographed Carnaval parade routine and danced and laughed their way across the plaza.

After the band finished their set we headed back to the harbour which was bustling with a mix of stylishly dressed Portuenses (people from Puerto) and visitors, bought some roasted chestnuts and plonked ourselves down on the harbour wall to eat them.

It was one of those Puerto nights which makes me doubt whether there’s a better place on this planet than Puerto de la Cruz.

And the cost of the evening for the two of us – €15.

That’s one of the wonderful things about Tenerife. You can have a great time here for almost next to nothing.


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