Call That Parking?

Posted: November 19, 2008 in cars, Life, Spain, Tenerife, Transport, Travel
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I had barely managed to sneak into a ‘non’ space outside the Guagua station in Puerto de la Cruz, opposite the Correos office, so I couldn’t believe what the guy in the Picasso car in front of me was trying to do.
First he stopped it smack bang on the pedestrian crossing (a not uncommon occurrence here) then he made some perfunctory attempts at trying to manoeuvre the car into a less obtrusive position before giving up and abandoning it, not only in the middle of the crossing, but in the middle of the road as well, as he headed off into the Correos

Cars were okay…just; they manage to squeeze by the car with some difficulty, assisted with the occasional shout of “coño” aimed at the Picasso. The big problem came when a bus tried to leave the station and manoeuvre around the car only to become stuck diagonally across the road, unable to move forward or back.

Meanwhile, the Picasso bloke had left his wife in the passenger seat of the car (now why she hadn’t gone to the Correos, leaving him to shift the car if needed is all part and parcel of Canario logic), to fend off the shouts of abuse from the bus driver and barbed remarks from the ubiquitous army of onlookers/advisors. Eventually the sheepish looking driver came running out of the Correos and shifted the car (no doubt he was able to work out that the sound of bus horn being hit almost constantly + his car almost blocking the exit to the bus station probably had something to do with him).

Still, it was a diverting enough way to pass the time whilst Andy waited in the Post Office queue…and another incredible example of the Canarios interpretation of what’s considered acceptable parking.


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