Posted: November 9, 2008 in Life, Spain, Tenerife, Travel
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Apart from the weather, the last few days of my mum’s visit was blighted by the fact that I picked up a bug which was a cross between resfriado (the cold) and gripe (flu). It’s always a danger at this time of year as nasty little northern European germs stowaway in suitcases, hoping for their two weeks in the sun.

There’s an easy way to avoid them; steer clear of bars which are full of Brits during the danger months (Nov, Feb), but as a Man Utd supporter, that’s not an option. This time, with my mum visiting, the risk was increased. She likes bars to have entertainment and the Canarian bars we normally frequent don’t ‘do’ entertainment, so an additional trip to one of the Brit bars, or more accurately the Irish bar, Molly Malone’s was scheduled.

The town’s relatively quiet at the moment, but Molly’s, as always, was quite full (a lot of Brits do like their entertainment on tap). Behind me (why are they always behind me?) a man (turned out he was a trombone player who did a pretty good ‘guest’ spot) coughed and sneezed his way along to owner and singer, Des’ lyrics. My fate was sealed.

Prparing the braziers for some chestnut roasting

Prparing the braziers for some chestnut roasting

Unfortunately, this bug has buggered up my taste buds, which is a shame as the chestnut and wine kiosks, a welcome addition to the harbour for the Fiesta de San Andrés at the end of the month, have appeared early this year and I can’t taste a damn thing.


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