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The white wizard’s name is once again well and truly in the bad books. At this moment in time the jury is still out as to whether he will be fed dinner or not.

It only took a second’s lapse of concentration, but a second might as well be an eternity when you’re dealing with a master criminal who has a pouch load of devious plans at hand (paw).

We’d just prepare lunch when Jesús with the healing hands (no joke), our new neighbour, appeared at our gate. As we had the usual conversation where we understood maybe 70% of what Jesús was telling us (a: we may all be going to see a film about Che Guevara at the weekend. b: Jesús may be visiting mainland Spain at the weekend. c: Maybe neither, or both of these things are happening.) and we went abstract with verb tenses in reply, we left the kitchen unattended.
At that point, Whiskas was upside down in the garden pushing out the Zs, so no apparent threat….HA!

The slightest tinkle of cutlery against crockery set off the alarm bells and I legged it back inside the house pronto to find you-know-who with his face in the tuna salad, munching for all he was worth. He managed to gulp down another mouthful before I reached him and he made a hasty retreat, outpacing my badly aimed sandal. Lunch ruined.

Its always the same...depression follows bad behaviour

It's always the same...depression follows bad behaviour

Now he’s lying on the terrace looking dejected. Maybe this is because Andy and I aren’t speaking to him, or he’s regretting his ‘eat for the moment’ assault on the kitchen. Personally I reckon the penny’s dropped that a couple of mouthfuls of tuna salad aren’t going to compensate for no bowl of cat food tonight.

Back to rehab for him!