The Whiskas’ Chronicles: The White Commando

Posted: September 2, 2008 in animals, Spain, Tenerife
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Whiskas has a nice little entrance at the side of our gate where I’ve cut the wooden fence into different sizes, so that some are shorter than the rest, which means he can use them as stepping stones to get on to the wall and into the garden. It’s the preferred means of access by any number of cats and also (and this is the really annoying thing) the route he uses to leave the premises. But does he use it to come in? Oh No! He used to, but ever since I made ‘improvements’ (necessary ones as having his not insubstantial weight pressing on it a zillion times a day had loosened the slat), he obviously believes that it’s not to be trusted.

Instead he prefers to employ a commando style operation which involves climbing up the gate’s metal grill and hauling himself onto its top. It’s a pretty impressive technique, but one that’s quite unnecessary.

Ultimately, whatever method Whiskas uses to come into the garden is up to him, but unfortunately he suffers from ‘trailing claw’



syndrome. Every so often one gets caught in the grill which he tells us about by screaming the neighbourhood down (completely ruining the macho commando image) and we have to rescue him without laughing. I know it shouldn’t be funny, but when we open the gate to rescue him and he swings inwards with it, it’s difficult not to crease up. Anyway, as with most bad things that happen to Whiskas, he brings it on himself. If he’d only use the purpose built ‘step’ he wouldn’t risk ripping his claws out.


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