During my nephew, Liam’s visit which left us a) shattered b) way behind work schedules and c) skint (not all his fault), the car broke down, or to be more accurate the power steering lost power and couldn’t be driven. Oh, the joys of modern technology.

What do you mean were on the wrong side?

What do you mean we're on the wrong side?

As a result we had to resort to public transport, which is no great hardship as the bus service is pretty good here, but it does take a lot more time to do anything.

For example, to get to the garage where the car was being held prisoner normally takes 15 minutes by car. By public transport we had to:

a) walk to the bus stop (10 minutes)
b) wait for a bus (this is a luck thing and can take anything from a couple of minutes to 20 mins).
c) Travel to La Laguna bus station (25 mins)
d) Catch the free bus which links the bus station with the tram terminus at Trinidad (5-10 mins)
e) Wait for a tram (5 mins)
f) Catch a tram to the stop nearest the fiat garage at Taco (20 mins).
g) Walk to garage (5 mins)

Total travelling time almost anything up to an hour an a half; and there’s the problem regarding ‘green’ travelling outside of cities; it’s just not good time management, even when you’ve got a decent public transport system.

However, the upside of the car problem was that I got to use the tram system for the first time. What a joy. I used to love taking the tram through Manchester when I worked on Salford Quays, and catching the tranvia between La Laguna and Santa Cruz proved equally enjoyable. Clean carriages, quiet, relaxing and a stress free way of avoiding the mad chaos of trying to negotiate the roads between the current and former capital and at €1.25 a journey, pretty reasonable as well.

It’s an example of where public transport does win over using the car…If you live in La Laguna and work in Santa Cruz that is.

A cool way to travel

A cool way to travel


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