Probably one of the lesser known facts about Tenerife is that the island has a cottage industry of small scale beekeepers that produce a range of delicious honeys.
It’s possible to buy multi-flower honey made from pollen from the coast, the hills and the mountains. You can buy single flower honeys made with pollen collected from avocado trees, chestnut trees and the tajinaste plant, which blooms very briefly between May and June in the Teide crater.
The Honey Museum in El Sauzal, responsible for co-ordinating Tenerife’s beekeepers, awards a label of denomination to honeys which meet their criteria for quality, so anyone interested in sampling, or taking home some honey should make sure that jars have that label on their backs (there’s a lot of inferior Chinese honeys about).
There’s one thing to be aware of, the prices for a jar of honey vary enormously. Whatever you do DO NOT BUY honey from a tourist trap; you will be creamed. If you can’t buy direct from the producer, buy at an agricultural market, or even a decent supermarket.

A friend took a jar back to Britain recently. The first place we looked was at the Parador shop in Teide’s crater; the price? A hefty €8.25. Believe me, this is a serious mark-up, but not the worst offender. The price for the same jar at the North Airport was an incredible €12+!
Just as well then that she’d bought her jar at the Al Campo supermarket in La Orotava where she’d paid a much more reasonable and purse friendly €4.75.

Honeys of Tenerife

Honeys of Tenerife


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